Hey BAD's, how about a quickie?

psycat and I are going to be staying at Jack London Square saturday night. We’ll be staying at the marina right behind Scott’s Seafood Restaurant. Any Oakland or other BAD’s wanna have a few beers? We’ll be going to the A’s game at 1, so we should be back by 4 or so. We could meet somewhere around JLS around 5 or so? Scott’s looks a little stuffy for an informal meeting, but there’s a bunch of restaurants there.

The only catch is, we’ll have the boys with us, unless we decide to deep-six 'em, so it would have to be a restaurant, not a bar. And, of course, we wouldn’t be able to have the regular crack-ridden-orgy or anything like that.

Anyway, it’s just an idea. If no one wants to hang out, I’ll understand. [sub]You god-damned bastards.[/sub]

We leave early saturday morning so, like I said, this is pretty last minute. Maybe I’ll drop into chat tonight and try to drum up some attendees. :wink:

Hey, if you think you might want to go, email or IM/ICQ me, aight?

I’m in. Just give me a definite time and an easy-to-spot location in the Square. I was planning on hanging out with a friend of mine who lives in Oakland (non-Doper), so I guess I’ll just drag her along.

ok, how about El Torritos on Water and Franklin st at 5 PM?
Cheap but decent grub, Margaritas, allows kids but still a somewhat festive atmosphere.

There’s a bit of an El Torritos precedent for doper meetings anyway. :wink:

Sound good?

My friend and I have an El Toritos tradition as well. That’s probably where we would’ve ended up going.

The synergy is amazing around here!

Hey, I think I’d like to come along as well.

Demo, you know what’s going on for me this weekend, so I’d really like some quality socializing. I’m not sure if any other plans are in the hatching for me (it is a possibility, ya know) but unless anything more important pops up, I can be at El Torritos at 5:00 no problem, I know right where it is.

I just have to pop my head in and say that I used to work at that El Torrito. No, really, I did!
I was a hostess there and when the “cool” manager was working the entire staff would drink while working. There was many a night that I’d do shots with the manager while waiting for customers. The shelves in my hostess stand would be filled with coffe mugs of margaritas from the various wait staff :slight_smile:

Have a great time, I’m envious that I don’t live there anymore>

Hey, Mauvaise, I used to work at the Barnes & Noble there. Maybe we’ve met. How very Twilight Zone.
I’d like to go, guys, but I’m not sure if I’ll be back in time (gotta go out of town in the morning). I’ll try to make it, but if I’m not there by 5:00 start without me.

I also used to work at the Oakland Grill (a couple blocks up from JL Sq in the produce district).

This was during the years of 88-91.

C’mon, any other BADs gonna jump on the wagon train?

I’d just like to momentarily hijack this thread to state that I’ll be back in SF between the 6th and 18th September. I know it’s too far off to make any specific plans yet but hopefully some of y’all will be free to meet up.

Anyway, carry on …

Okay, i might be able to show up, but no promises. And i wouldn’t be able to get there there til at least 7 or so.

So if you could just decide where the meeting is and how to get there from the nearest BART stop…