Hey, beck! She likes it! (Sooper seekrit' stuff)

My Sooper seekrit’ phone took one last header outta my hand and on to the garage floor. (Where I was hiding doin’ Sooper seekrit’ stuff)

Duct tape wouldn’t hold it together any more. The camera lens cover landed in the black hole that’s under my house.

I ascertained the procurement of a new one was happening, virus or no.

This would have to happen secretly, of course. No looking one over, tethered as they may be at Verizon place.
Amazon would have to come through for me.

I looked, pondered, worried added and subtracted as much as my pea-brain would allow. Closed my eyes and pointed at one and ordered it.
It would have to do.
It was cheap. That can be a plus or minus according to who you ask. I ain’t askin’ no one for obvious reasons.
It’s a $79 Motorola something or other.

Well, get this. It’s a nice phone. I can’t believe how nice it is. It’s got stuff built in I’ll never use. But I could. It’s there.

The really nice thing, makes me think I’m a spy is the fingerprint unlocking thingy.
I really, really like that.

Safety first, I even ordered a case(purple) that swears my new Sooper seekrit’ phone will never break. Ever.

I’m back up and running and doing Sooper seekrit’ stuff in the privacy of my lawn chair in the garage.
I need a Sooper seekrit’ air conditioner out there.

Bad, bad, bad, double aught beck.
That’s me.

I win the cheap wars! I got an LG Phoenix 4 for $40, and it also does more stuff than I can possibly use! No fingerprint as far as I can tell, but I can deal with a 4-digit PIN. And I got a shiny red case, too!

It was sad to say goodbye to my flip phone, but this one is slowly winning me over. :smiley:

Wow! @FairyChatMom. Bargain!!

Oh. One. Max V!

First problem has occurred to me: I can’t hide this phone so good. The new purple case may have to go. Or I’m gonna have to get bigger cut offs to wear.
I know they’re too little. But I like em.
Today I’m good because I put the phone down my shirt. Ain’t no one looking there.

Oh, and I retained my Sooper seekrit’ phone number.
No, I’m not gonna give the number to all y’all. I know you wanna talk to me, who wouldn’t? Sorry.

Ooh. I got vibrations. Who could be calling?:wink:

Glad you took my sooner seekrit’ advice with the purple case. Sooper eezier to find that way. If you can get a tempered glass screen cover to fit, that goes a long way to guard against heart stopping screen cracking. I have a black quarry tile kitchen floor that requires it.

Yeah, I love that too-just got it for the first time on my latest phone (and iPad). I used to forget my passcode. Figger it will be much harder to lose all the five fingers my tech/nerd/geek child programmed into it for me. You have to watch out for chainsaw accidents though🤪

Know I shouldn’t ask, but is that why you stash it in your bra?:shushing_face:

I used to do that too but the screen got all sweaty and fogged up. Which may be what you are going for, I just don’t know.

Don’t get me going on the women’s clothing industry that won’t design and sell women’s pants with pockets that hold a phone. Sheesh!

3B/BBB/Boo~~~~~~~still deciding. I love them all, that’s the problem

Off to make a sammich and fresh from the farm sweet corn (microwave-so easy it has ruined this Iowa girl. I don’t live there any more so they won’t know. Mistreat a Hereford or Angus though and I will be in big trouble).

Seriously the pocket thing is a problem.
Cool weather I can do a hoodie. But my Yorkie lives in the pouch.

Well my first disappointment with my Sooper cool Sooper seekrit’ phone has occurred.
The fingerprint thingy is in an awkward place.
If you touch it with the wrong finger it locks down with scary pronouncment “hey dummy someone’s trying to get into your spy-level phone that your dumbass don’t know how to use!”
Or something close to that.
Very alarming, I tell you what!
It stopped what I was doing immediately and I had to punch in my barely remembered pass code.
Thank heavens I always use I am not telling you, I may not know where to put my fingers but I don’t give out my passwords that are always numbers somewhere between 0 and 9, oops

So I gotta be careful til I get this thang figgered out. You never know Cecil may be calling. I certainly don’t wanna miss that call.

Hey Unca Cec you’re on vibrate. Come on, call me.

I was really impressed with my phones facial recognition. Even at night my phone recognizes me. However, it has no idea who tf I am when I’m wearing a mask. :mask:

Google find my phone has saved me several times. Press ring, and I’ll hear the poor lost thing crying out from under the quilt or wherever I misplaced it.

Ah, the mask conundrum.
The lil’wrekker says hers doesn’t recognize her unless she has lip tint on.

I deeply envy both you and your Yorkie, sighhh. I do, however, have three cats who like to climb the Roman blinds and sleep in the hammock-like drapery thing at the top. All three of them at the same time in the same hammock thing, with a tail dangling out each end. :cat2::cat2::cat2:


Noooooo! Don’t get less skimpy shorts! And I’ll be happy to inspect inside your blouse.

You are a bad bad bad Man!!!

I just knows what I likes.

Up until recently I had a Tracphone from Target and used prepaid plan which cost about 7.00 bucks a month. Couldn’t get a good signal after I moved out here, but still I tried to live with it, checking my messages when I drove through a strong cell area on my way home from work.
Wasn’t working out for me, missing a lot of messages, etc.
Now I have a top of the line Iphone and a $70 a month phone bill and I’m not any happier.
It is an impressive machine though. Great camera.
ETA…I can get a signal at my house now.

Until recently I had less than optimal cel service on a good day.
Not sure what happened but I can actually take a call now. Even on my junky old phone I could talk on it.
My regular phone is a hand me down iPhone?? from the lil’wrekker. It’s at least 10 years old. It works.

My diabetic phone is a Samsung thing. It works.

But this new thing blows them all outta the water. It’s kinda huge, tho’
I wasn’t expecting that.

you can also read books on smart phones with apps like aldiko and kindle, which I like.

And not sure of your particular model with do it, but my phone can be set up to use household wifi for phone calls.

I have four phones on a Family Plan (mine, my gf’s, son’s, daughter’s) and I’ve been paying $325 a month, sometimes running low on data and having to buy more.

My gf began using her phone as a hotspot for working at home, because it was faster than our Wifi, so I looked into upgrading to “unlimited” data. Instead of being more expensive, I’m actually saving $100 a month. I totally don’t understand, but I’m cool with it.

T-Mobile was quite happy to give me 3 lines on the 55+ geezer plan for $90. I have heard of plans for less, but not enough to get me to jump.