HEY! Check out who's appearing at a local halloween thing!

It’s the original Michael Myers. Appearing for the very first time in years In Costume.

I feel so special that he’s showing up.

Just one question. He wore a mask in that movie (which I didn’t see) . How will we know it’s really him?

Well, if Jamie Lee Curtis stabs him in the neck with a knitting needle & he sits up 2 min later…
But then again, I thought he was dead. (Damn that Activia Yogurt…!)

Michael not Micheal dagnabbit! He does the opposite of heal.

He shouldn’t show up in any mask but a Shatner mask. So if he doesn’t immediately murder a green skinned babe, or gets mad when you say Picard is the best, then he’s the real deal.

Thanks! If I go (I probably won’t) I’ll try the Picard Gambit.

Oh, yeah, this. :confused: I spelled it right in my OP? I dungeddit…

Oh, and this one too. If she shows up, too, I’m so there!

Now I’m confused. No I mean from the linked page.

I’ve the funniest feeling that she’d have one hell of a good time too. Shame so many people get crazy-glued to that west-coast 365 days a year…