Hey, Coldfire!

Grattis på födelsedagen, Kalleld!
Ett fyrfaldigt leve för Kalleld!
Han leve!
Hipp, hipp!

Birthday?? heh.


Have a good one!!

To the Michael Schumacher of the message board:

May your gearbox never seize and your engine always rev at full throttle.

Hope the evening goes well !

You guys:wink:

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. After all, the countdown to thirty isn’t exactly to look forward to, is it?

Some of your Dutch approximations were really good, bu Aghris still takes the #1 spot. Yeah I know, he is Dutch. But he lives in Scotland IIRC, and no matter what language you speak, it deteriorates in Caledon. :wink:

For my birthday, I want a day when no one posts in the wrong forum, no one posts hard porn links (and no soft porn either! Jesus Twisty, you’re getting predictable!), no copyrighted texts, no vB-code errors, no flames in MPSIMS, and last but not least, many replies to this thread.

You think you guys could do that for once??

Let’s see… no posts in the wrong forum? check
no hard porn links check
(and no soft porn links double check)
no copyrighted texts check
no vB-code errors check
no flames in MPSIMS check
many replies to this thread Well, not be me personally, but check

Well, this little fishy will do her best!!!

Happy birthday, Coldfire!!!

TruePisces (who’s used preview 6 times JUST to make sure there are no vB errors in her post! :D)

Actually, I moved back not too long ago, but that’s a different story alltogether. But, just because it is your birthday, I s’pose we could try to not post any links to any raunchy porn sites , always use *correct[/i} vB codes, and that we probably could do with out flaming anyone (except for all those fuckers that tried to write Dutch but couldn’t even do one simple word right) :wink:

Let us know hoe the day went.

Happy Birthday, Coldfire.

Countdown to thirty? Yeesh. I’ve got ulcers older than that. Here’s something to cheer you up. Well, not really.

I always looked to about thirty as the barrier of any real or fierce delight in the passions, and determined to work them out in the younger ore and better veins of the mine—and I flatter myself (perhaps) that I have pretty well done so—and now the dross is coming.
–Lord Byron–

Best wishes my friend.

Here’s hoping you celebrate in only a fashion known to you!! Happy Birthday hon, best wishes and may the dancing girls flow from your cake!

Happy Fucking Birthday!

Hey, can I say that in here?

later, Tom.

Inspiring indeed. When I ordered a little bottle of ViFit with my lunch today (this is basically a cherry-flavoured drink yoghurt with Lactobacillus caseï Goldin and Gorbach (LGG), all natural and very healthy), the girl behind the counter said: “Keeps you young”. WTF is that supposed to mean??

Sure, there’s a few gray hairs, but all in all, I can easily pass for twenty six and a half. Really.

I hope this is not too late. Happy Birthday Clog Boy!

Ahh, so you still have hair. How I envy you.

I can’t pass for under 30 even though I am…

Well, happy birthday :slight_smile:

Happy B-Day!

Check your inbox to see what I had to go through just to wish you a happy b-day in as public and ostentatious way as possible.

I love ya, you big cheesy poof! I’ll call you on Monday, okay? Have a great weekend!

Tracy :smiley:

Happy Birthday to one of my 15 favorite mods :slight_smile:

(who will not even try vB code for fear she will muck it up)

Happy birthday Coldfire.


  • I love him so much *

::running out of room, giggling::


Happy birthday, Coldy. Now bend over so I can give you some belated birthday spankings. :wink:

Happy birthday, toots.

Have a great day! I’ll hoist a few in your honour, have no fear. :smiley: