Happy UnBirthday, Coldfire

In this thread , Coldfire expressed a sentiment that he hadn’t received a birthday thread of his own.

So, happy unbirthday, Coldfire .

Hey, it’s my unbirthday too!

Buncha ingrates. I knew you all loved the Dane more than me.

[sub]Dane? Dutch. I swear those keys are, like, right next to each other on my keyboard.[/sub]

I sort of envy you, Coldie; I could do with a few unbirthdays.

**Ino **! But your location says you live in *de-nial * . I’m sooo confused.

So, in the effort of political correctness: **Happy Un-Birthday to all the Furren Dopers **

First Uncle Beer, now Coldie

…when will it all end?

For a second I thought you typed “dame.” Come to think of it, I’m not sure which misappropriation would be worse.

Happy Whatever, Clogboy!

And lno, you got called Ino again. :wink:

Thank you. Even though it’s 9 days late, it’s much appreciated. :smiley:

Your SO should have told us. You need to Pit her.

HB Coldie!

Happy Belated Birthday. I should’ve remembered it was your birthday. Last year at my birthday party, we drank a toast and passed around a card in honor of your birthday. I don’t know if you got the card, but the picture of your toast is here. Your birthday card is even in the picture.

Ah well, happy birthday!

In honor of Coldfire’s un-birthday, I plan to un-bake a cake and un-wrap some presents today.

Happy Un-Birthday to all mods and dopers alike!

What are you talking about? When I asked you why you didn’t give me one last year, you made excuses about it. I was just returning the favor, since you seemed to think they were unnecessary. (I did think about giving you a thread, but you actually sounded like you were against them, last year.)

Uh-oh. You’re in deep, deep shit now, Coldie. That’ll teach ya to open your cakehole.

Uh-oh indeed. :slight_smile:

I don’t even know anymore what my excuses were last year for not giving Heloise a B-Day thread. I’m certainly not against them.

Uh… you’ll get two for your next birthday. How’s that dear? :slight_smile:

[sub]We cool now, right?[/sub] :wink:

Love the toast picture, Grace! Quite frankly, I don’t remember getting the card. Of all the things to go missing in the mail!

Hey Coldfire…

Happy unbirthday… enjoy a sinassappelsap (did I spell that right?) at one of your fine cafes…

Oh and since you will be out celebrating anyway, can you nip across the border to Antwerpen and send me vijf biers alstublieft. Jupiler preferably since we can’t buy that here. :slight_smile:

“Sinaasappelsap”, so you almost got it right. :slight_smile:

I love Antwerpen. The plural is “bieren”, BTW, but when you’re ordering, you’d just say “vijf bier”. Of course, a true Belgian would then ask “What kind? We have thousands!”, whereas an Amsterdam bartender will just pour you a Heineken straightaway. In Holland, beer usually means pilsner unless stated otherwise. In Belgium, it’s the other way 'round. :smiley:

Jupiler is a good beer, but it tends to give me headaches when I drink more than a few bottles of it.

Wait a minute.

You are willing, on some occasions, to drink Heineken? And then you have the unmitigated gall to turn around and insult American beer?

I’m not talking about Budweiser and similar crap, which does indeed suck, but real American beer.

And what is with this Un-birthday crap, anyway? Now I have to suck up to you guys 364 days a year instead of just one? Unless I still have to suck up on your actual birthdays anyway, in which case it’s 365.

This sucks.

But happy belated birthday anyway, ya’ glog dancin’ jerk.

In Amsterdam, Heineken is often the only choice. And hey, at least it’s not Amstel, or worse, the dreaded Oranjeboom. My pilsner of choice is Grolsch (or either Alfa or De Kroon, but both are hard to come by around these parts).

And yes, Heineken is a pretty poor excuse for a beer, as is Budweiser. And HELL YES, there are some awesome American beers out there. I just wish those would make it over in bigger numbers than the regular Budweiser, Coors, and Rolling Rock I tend to find in liquor stores here. I wouldn’t mind buying a pack of Sam Adams every now and then.

As it is, I’m drinking a Murphy’s Irish Red. Of course, Murphy’s is owned by… Heineken. You just can’t win. :slight_smile: