Hey Condi, you're in public... enough of the constipated faces!

Yes, I know our Secretary of State isn’t a fashion model, nor should she be held to the same standard of beauty. But every picture I’ve seen this a.m. - CNN, New York Times - has good ol’ Dr. Rice with the most pained look on her face. Listen, I know that the talks aren’t going well. But when I think about old Secretaries of State, I don’t think they had any expressions on their faces, ever. Not Kissinger, not Albright, not Powell. They just looked the same all the time.

Not a pitting. Just an observation. I just think you might want to poker face things a little, m’kay?

How insensitive of you! Have you ever thought how hard it must be for pure evil to keep a human face mask on when out in public?

Imagine having to cavort and mince with snivelling, putrid, amoral, worthy-of-death sub-intellects 8 to 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, wanting…no, needing them to die so fervently that the desire makes you salivate uncontrollably and your mandibles pulsate. Now imagine this while wearing an itchy, vertebra-conforming, skin mask. I mean, come on, it has to get really hot and sweaty under there.

Yeah, many of them (e.g. George Bush. Bill Fritz, Tony Snow, etc…) are able to wear their masks without too much difficulty, but they’ve been doing it practically since grubhood. They’re used to the claustrophobia and have learned to repress the feeling of insult that comes from the necessity to have to disguise themselves whenever in the presense of the unworthy and pink Earth dogs.

Ms. Rice, on the other hand, is new to this practice. She finds it hard to constantly lie and obfuscate while wearing a mask, especially when garroting all who cross her path would be so much simpler and honest…not to mention pleasurable. Dick Cheney is in the same predicament. Although he’s come to accept that his mask will never really fit he still wears it like a trouper.

So, pity the evil. Life’s no picnic for them either.

Shame you, Hippy! (Hah! What an appropriate nom de forum) Perhaps now you’ll think twice before making callous and inappropriate demands.

Nah, it’s because the liberal press hates the US. Photogs take lots of pictures and the editors only run the worst ones of Condi.

You can’t really judge Condi. I mean, she has to sit at a table full of Arabs and Jews and UN delegates, and try to sell the US nonintervention policy while the UN, Arabs and Jews are losing buildings and people every minute. How could you deliver that message with anything like a straight face when you know that it could all end if we just twisted some jockey shorts in Tel Aviv?

I’d be happy if she lost her constipated suits! Good gawd…they add 30 years to her (though I did see her in an attractive one yesterday).

Nope, it’s because the liberal press hates pure evil. Photographers, unable to control their incredulity at the constant, brazen acts perpetrated by Bush administration, take way too many pictures which, by the way, could be considered an invasion of privacy.

Pity the evil, for their deeds are always under a microscope.

Does she still wear her hair like a Powerpuff Girl?

You all are so mean. Condi says if this is how you get your kicks, picking on a hard working woman who’s just trying to save the world for democracy, your pathetic little dickmust be this big.

She’s fucking weird looking, man.

Great, now everytime I see a picture of her I’m going to imagine she’s grunting out a tough one. Thanks.

I give you today’s nominee for Post of the Day. Beauty!!

Based on another thread, I wonder if it’s just that Robert DeNiro hasn’t called.

It’s not just the liberal press. Take a look at the mugshot of her in today’s Insight Magazine: Dump Condi: Foreign policy conservatives charge State Dept. has hijacked Bush agenda

Did they *have * to use the word “dump”?

A friend of mine works for the State Department, and at his swearing in Condi Rice gave a speech. The pictures my friend took of her were fantastic- always a gorgeous smile on her face and she is really very pretty. I don’t know why they always get such crappy shots of her. Then again, if your boss was George W, wouldn’t you look pained, too?

I was going to say, at least she has changed her hairstyle.

She gets cranky if she has to tell the truth or actually answer the question that was asked.

Ha! Tonight’s Daily Show was saying pretty much the same thing… Life imitates Art, Art imitates Dope…

Well, if that’s the case, I want compensation. ::adapts Condi Rice constipated face::

She looks like a Mocha Jerri Blank.