Sarah Palin - too sexy for national office?

I don’t think anyone questions that Sarah Palin is an attractive middle aged woman. Which is definitely a “good thing” IMO! But I wonder if the way she presents herself is somewhat on the sexy side for someone aspiring to national office.

Nothing huge, just a few small things. She has a nice figure, and wears clothes tailored to show it. She wears very high heels, often with open toes. Her lipstick with liner is not exactly conservative.

I’m not suggesting she is outside of the mainstream for average society - but just wondering if it is the “style” one would wish of someone who might - say - meet with foreign leaders and represent our nation around the world.

Too sexy for vee pee
Too sexy to expose my toes on tee vee

Too sexy for the Hill
Too sexy to be breaking ties on some bill*

As it (she) stands she’s apparently too attractive for Pakistani President Zardari to think of her in strictly political terms. But I get the sense he’s hardly representative of world leaders on the whole.

If she and McCain do get the nod I’m sure some circumspect advisors will counsel she make a couple of small changes that would produce a more fitting appearance. It wouldn’t take much really.

way too sexy, for one thing, she looks Italian 'nuff said and wears RED high heel shoes and she has sex with her husband you betcha! Unless you have eunuchs at the UN everyone will want to bang her first in their minds and then totally disregard her.

Luckily it doesn’t appear we’ll ever find out what those small changes might have been. :smiley:

  1. I hate Palin.

  2. It’s ridiculous that we’re even discussing this. If she does get elected, I don’t give a shit if world leaders find her “too sexy”. She dresses more or less the same way Hilary does; she just happens to have a nicer figure.

I know you’re not saying “we can’t vote for her because she wears too much makeup”, but honestly, this is a non-issue.

But if she were ugly then we’d be bombarded with jokes about that instead of Palin porn. And if an attractive woman is all it takes to fluster the world’s male leaders and render them defenseless, she could be a secret weapon (like Condoleezza Rice’s legs)! Good grief. With the idiocy that spews from that one’s mouth, her looks should be the last thing anyone’s concerned about.

It’s not so much her looks, but her flirty demeanor that makes her seem unserious — well that and her obvious lack of knowledge.

Hmm. I’m not sure of this. Isn’t it at least of minor relevancy when choosing a president, to consider how that individual will be perceived by foreign leaders?

No, of course I’m not saying we should preclude women from office, or drape them head to toe. But OTOH, I believe there is some legitimate concern in electing national leaders that other world leaders will take seriously.

I would imagine that you could find many sources recommending that she presents herself in a manner that would be inappropriate for many job interviews. I’m not sure a VP candidate - male or female - oughtn’t appear similarly “conservative” in attire and make-up.

What she wears is perfectly appropriate for a job interview. It’s her failure to have researched the company before the interview that’s the problem.

If foreign leaders don’t take her seriously because she’s an idiot, I agree. If they won’t take her seriously because she’s got tits, fuck 'em.

Men don’t have make-up to wear outside of TV appearances or, really, as much choice in their dress, and therefore less room to ‘err’ in the eyes of the public. A business suit on a male body is the default. Anything else must be scrutinized, even a female body in a business suit– you really think Palin wouldn’t get ‘dykey’ comments if she wore that and no make-up? Is HRC really a faint memory?

As far as I know, male presidents don’t conform to the fashion norms of every country they visit, either, except maybe for a photo op. And I don’t think this or this is appropriate for a job interview, either.

Clinton turned “pants-suit” into a defining feature. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Palin campaigning in anything other than a knee-length skirt.

Don’t care for Palin, although “too sexy” is waayyyy down on my list of reasons. But I don’t think there’s a real debate that she dresses more feminine than Clinton. And I don’t say that to mean that Clinton dresses “butch”.

Pulling her hair back like that is what we in Alaska call a “Wasilla face-lift”.


No. She’s still a conservative dresser by any stretch. Like Jophiel, I don’t care for her, but I think that this sort of value judgement is ludicrous. Her appearance has nothing to do with anything. It doesn’t make her capable, and it doesn’t make her uninformed. A non-issue.

The foreign leaders or the tits?

Eh, I question that she is. Boring clothes and hairstyles.

This brings to mind something I’ve been wondering about lately, it was probably influenced by Bill Maher. I’ve wondered how conservative women view Palin’s attractiveness and flirtatious winking. Has anybody read/know how that’s playing out in Branson?

If world leaders were able to keep it in their pants when Nixon got up to shake his money-maker, Palin won’t even cause a ripple.