Hey DrFidelius, did you need some TP?

Because you sure took one hell of a gigantic reeking shit on my thread. Is there any reason why you were such a douche-nugget or are just this big of an asshole all the time and I somehow haven’t noticed it until now?

Geez, Otto, he came off like an ass, but a pit thread? Adjust that hair-trigger, dude.

Are you going to pit everyone who disagrees with a premise you put forth?

There was no premise in the OP to disagree with. He asked a question and got mocked for it.

OP => Snark => Pit thread

3 moves. Beat that, Kramnik!

He needed to be called an asshole. I called him an asshole in the asshole-calling forum. Seems reasonable. Now, if I’d posted my first draft of the OP…

I’ve seen gigantic reeking shits. I’ve even left a couple myself, back before I knew better. That was hardly a splash in the bowl.

Well, you’ve got a pit thread going now; let it rip!


It’s been at least six years since I’ve been pitted. Thought I had lost my touch forever…

Hey Otto, You checked out your five dollar thread lately? Man, there’s some hard core frothing at the mouth going on over there and it’s not even in the pit. My hat off to you , Sir. You sure know how to pick an OP. :smiley:

I abandoned that thread earlier today on the grounds of It Stopped Being Fun.

That was a textbook, classic thread-shit.

There was no reason to add that comment. Continuity is obviously, at some level, essential to the suspension of disbelief in story-telling… and at another extreme, it obviously is the province of people much more invested in the details of the story than the average audience member.

But who cares? If attention to continuity at that level of detail is not of interest to you, move along. Why bother to post a gratuitous slam at those that ARE interested?

Full disclosure: I have zero clue about the differing origins of Kryptonite. But as someone willing to write and debate at length about why Buffy’s strength and fighting ability seems to vary so greatly from episode to episode, I can perhaps be fairly classed as a “fanboy” within the general perjorative meaning of the term.

Well, if it’s Buffy, then you’re obviously not merely a fanboy but a gay fanboy - an especially insidious subspecies.

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

And I like Broadway shows.

Seems to me that questions of continuity about some works are a matter of considerable importance to lots of people, including some very high-ranking academics and some very important intellectuals (who are far from “fanboys”) … I’m thinking, say, of the Bible.

I’ve always said that theology is the original fanwank.

And, man, you think it’s hard to retcon Superman, try reconciling the New and Old Testaments. :smiley:

Seriously. What’s harder to swallow? The Holy Trinity, or the explanation for why Han said “parsecs” when talking about the Kessel Run?

I’d prefer to not swallow any fanwank, thankyouverymuch.

Beats the hell out of Pocky, though.