Hey Farscape Fan!!!

They announced in one of the “Entertainment” packages we run at our station that the Sci-Fi Channel is slated to start up a Farscape miniseries to begin airing at the end of the year that will pick up where the series left off and give it a proper, more complete ending.

Although I missed much of the last couple seasons, I still found this to be one of, if not the best sci-fi space travel shows to come out and was sad when I heard of the way they ended the searies. Glad to see it’s not completely over, and I can get another chance to see Chriton end up with a happy ending.

I was stuck in a small town outside Belfast, N. Ireland from August to Christmas of 1999. Farscape was one of the few programs that I was able to enjoy. The last time it aired here, it was on too late for me watch. Hopefully, this time it will be in a time slot that will be good for me.

I know the title only called out to a single Farscape fan, but come on…there’s gotta be more people excited about this!

I’m excited. Woo!

Thanks for this update!

Would it be bragging to say that one of my cousins is involved in making thiis miniseries?

No, it wouldn’t.

I think you need to tell us more. :smiley: