Hey! Fuel Cell Motorcycles Are Coming!

Yahama started testing one last year.

Looks like they didn’t make it, though. Honda, however plans to have them in a couple of years.

A start up company might have them both beat, however.

Technical specs on the bike can be found here.

Holy fucking shit.

Why does everything with a fuel cell have to look so damn stupid? Why can’t they just make cars and motorcycles that look like regular cars and motorcycles, except with fuel-cells? Why does the presence of a fuel cell neccessitate obnoxious “futuristic” styling?

I’d rather ride a noisy, greasy, dirty, polluting two-stroke than mount that monstrosity of a “motorcycle” pictured in that link.

Alright, “monstrosity” is too strong. How about just “dumb looking.”

It looks like a kids bicycle that is kinda sorta supposed to look like a motorcycle. I wouldn’t buy one. I like the concept though. The best thing would be for a big name company to liscence the technology and apply it to their existing lineup of bikes.