Hey, good-looking! What's it like?

The idea of a thread of people talking about being good-looking has come up a few times in another thread.

There is a wide variety of people on this board, so some of the posters must be really and truly traffic-stoppingly gorgeous. Not attractive, well-groomed, or possessed of a certain j’ne sais quoi, but simply physically beautiful.

I’ve often wondered what that is like.

Well, none of you have been inspired to start a thread about it (I can’t imagine why not), so I am starting one and inviting you to talk about it.

So, are you really good-looking? Do you like it? How do you think it has affected your life?

As the OP, I’d like to request no pictures; beautiful is not always photogenic.

I think I got a taste of what its like. A while back ago I went to a Popeye’s chicken. I was starving but I didn’t realize I had left my wallet at home. I managed to find three dollars in the console of my truck.

So I went I went in the store, slapped my $3 on the counter and told the lady “I want the most food $3 can buy.”

This lady gave me three chicken breasts, two sides and a drink. All for three frickin’ dollars!

Now this lady must have thought I was incredibly handsome or she just felt sorry for me.

I think I’ll go with the handsome.

I have to admit it was a good feeling.

I am not that spectacularly pretty, but when I was young I was pretty cute, and one day … I dunno, the gods conspired to make me stunning for one day; something to do with the flush in my cheeks from the heat, combined with the dress I was wearing and the way my growing-out perm had decided to curl fetchingly around my face.

I was doing research at an organization and went in to use their library. The woman I spoke to kept eyeing me as if vaguely in awe of me, and I didn’t have the slightest clue why. Then I happened to go to the bathroom and look in the mirror – and saw OH MY GOD I’M EFFING BEAUTIFUL.

As I walked home, a complete stranger came up to me on the street and said “I know this is presumptuous, but you are so beautiful … could I paint you?”

That’s all I got. It was just a few hours, then I reverted to normal.

A bit difficult to post in a thread like this without destroying any claims of modesty.

But I think it would be stupid to claim that I don’t know I’m good-looking. Pretty/cute on an average day, beautiful on a great day. (I dunno anybody who would claim to be traffic-stoppingly gorgeous. Depends on who’s driving. :wink: )

Of course I like it; I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t. Good-looking people who claim that it’s “tiresome” to be admired, or hit on, or whatever, are full of shit. Sure, if you’re out with your girlfriends at a bar and some obnoxious guy walks up and won’t get the hint, you get annoyed…but as I always tell my girlfriends, imagine how annoyed you’ll be when you inevitably grow old and all the attention stops.

I can’t take any credit for how I look so I tend to look at as a gift. I’m sure there are probably benefits I don’t think about much…studies have been done that prove that good-looking people make more money, get better service, are considered to be more “honest” or whatever…but I’ve never really considered if there’s proof of that in my own day-to-day life. I’m a bartender and I do photography on the side (hopefully full-time eventually) and I know that my experience behind a bar doesn’t matter nearly as much as how I look. I know that that’s why I was hired. I’ve had good friends who are better bartenders who can’t get a job because they’re not thin enough/pretty enough/whatever. I think it’s sad but it’s a reality. (This does not apply in nearly the same scope to male bartenders.)

I also know that when I’m doing portrait-work of women (my favorite), they trust me to make them look good because I tell them how important it is to me to look good in a picture. Women are always vain and self-conscious, particularly in front of a camera. I’m no exception.

I’m also sure that if something happened wherein I lost my looks overnight, I’d have no idea how to cope for awhile. IOW, they’re far more important to me than I’d like to think they are.

I hope I’m not coming across as horribly vain here. :smiley: But I thought there’s no point posting an answer to the OP unless I’m honest.

It’s a plus, no doubt about it. If I understand correctly for most people teenage years are pretty difficult physically. My own teenage problems had little to do with the physical, although I was over-critical where I was (and am) less than movie star perfect. Physically I was blessed though.

Even as a little boy [a certain relative] warned me that lots of women would fall in love with my looks, but never marry me because I’m so difficult. Gee thanks.

Back to teenage years, a group of local girls started following me home, and sometimes loitering outside my place. This probably sounds good, and while over-nourishing for the ego and something I’m glad of, was actually something I had no capability of dealing with. So, nothing I’d call a girlfriend until late teens.

Then, there’s the competition. Once you start to trade in the looks game, it’s fierce and frightening. Further, once adult women awake to the massive advantage they have over men, by and large they become disinclined to match men halfway as far as effort goes. So looks, as such, don’t seem to count a whole lot.

By contrast, my sometime flatmate, taller and probably better looking than I, was also an actor. Extrovert, on stage, and sometimes screen. One week there were 3 one-night stands, which is a lot for a heterosexual man.

And then there’s the heterosexual issue. No matter how you look, or where you go, as a man trading on looks, the majority of the forward & overt sexual attention you will get, does come from homosexual men. Just so. I’ve complained about this numerous times on the board, but really it’s not a big problem. It’s just the injustice of it grates. On the other hand, that is a pretty hollow complaint. While a minority, I’ve had numerous attractive women make overt moves and succeed in starting relationships with me. Lucky me, I suppose.

Overall a plus, no doubt about it. Sinfully and wrongfully I take for granted having a coterie of female admirers. This week, acting on her invitation, I took to dinner, an attractive woman half my age. Last night in fact. Relationship wise though, it doesn’t help much at all in my experience. Looks are a pass-key to the first gate, but after that it doesn’t seem to count for much at all. I’ve never heard of a woman staying with a man for his looks, although the opposite obviously does happen. In fact, with some women the feeling is resentment, that they have been lured into intimacy by mere glossy appearance and now find an exit more difficult for the same reason.

Can’t comment from a personal point of view. A small but statistically significant number of women unaccountably find me attractive, but I suspect that’s to do with personality - I certainly don’t think I’m the sort of guy women look at and want to go home with immediately.

However (and I think I recounted this last year), a year ago I escorted one of my former coworkers, an innocent country lass, around London for the evening, and had a glimpse into another world.

This girl is stunning. I know I can’t say “objectively”, so I’ll just say “comparitively” not just pretty, but obviously, knock-out, stunning: great figure - not catwalk skinny, but the kind men like, with fabulous curves in all the right places - gorgeous face, beautiful eyes, long wavy natural blonde hair, great style, and a winning smile. (And she’s an identical twin, but that’s not relevant to this thread, though it’s a wonderful thought anyway.)

Anyway, walking round the city with her was a revelation. There were guys walking into lampposts and tripping over stuff when she walked past, and everyone smiled at her wherever we went. In a sandwich shop the guy behind the counter blushed and said “do you mind me saying, I think you’re beautiful?”. People were holding doors for her, and when we went to a restaurant I could see people all over the restaurant sneaking glances or just gawping. When we walked into a pub later, people stopped talking and stared. (Then they looked at me with wry expressions and I imagined they were thinking: “What the…? How did he end up with her…?” or “Good work that man!”)

She was entirely oblivious to all of this - she knows she’s OK-looking, but doesn’t appear to know she’s breathtaking. Occasionally she seemed surprised that people were saying nice stuff to her.

And I realised, that’s her life, all the time. In her world, people, and in particular, men, are just friendly and helpful and cheerful. It hasn’t made her a bad person, she’s a nice girl, but she is very naive, and I wonder if this is because of how most of humanity treats her.

(Although I defer to the great Chris Rock that when a man says to an attractive woman “Can I help you with that?” he’s really saying “You want some DICK with that?”)

Men weren’t really created to be attractive to the point that a woman would stop and stare. I don’t think it’s part of our biology and I don’t dont think many men are made that aesthetically pleasing. I mean obviously there are handsome, goodlooking, cute guys but its a lot more rare with men than women to be so good looking that you’re talking to them and you have to be like “wait…what was I saying?”

I don’t like it when men are THAT attractive. I think I just wouldn’t want the man to be prettier than me. I’m sure that sets the women’s movement back a hundred years, but I want to the be the face in a relationship.

There have been a few times where I’ve seen men that are SO handsome that it makes me just uncomfortable to even look at them. Clive Owen did an ad for some cologne or something and it was on the back of a magazine that was on my coffee table and I saw it and finally was like “this is fucking RIDICULOUS and I had to turn the magazine over” I couldn’t look at it anymore.

Were they making fun of Antonio Banderas in that SNL sketch where he kept threatening to take off his shirt and all the women were like “nooo! it’s too sexy!!”

Like another poster said, to pretend that I don’t know I’m attractive is stupid. I don’t look like a supermodel. I’m only of average height and although am thin by most standards am not super skinny. I’ve known since I was little that people find me attractive. I don’t go over board fixing myself up. Hair is in a pony tail usually,with very little make-up and dressed in blue jeans most days. People most often say I’m “pretty”. When I wear my hair down and put on make- up I’ve been called gorgeous and beautiful. The only down sides I’ve found is that most other women don’t treat me very well. I have a few close female friends that have been my friends since grade school. The other down side is that a lot of people assume I’m stupid with nothing else going for me. The upsides are many. Total strangers(men mostly) go out of their way to do things for me. I’ve gotten jobs that I probably was not totally qualifyed for…I don’t know how to put this w/o sounding arrogant, but I had my pick of prospective mates and therefore was able find a really wonderful man. He is everything a woman could want. I’m grateful for him because he’s seen me at my absolute worst and loves me anyway. I’m in my early 30’s and haven’t noticed any decline yet in male attention and females checking me out. But I know its inevitable, as we all age and lose our looks to some degree. I’m deathly afraid of needles and surgery ,so I pray that I age gracefully because elective cosmetic surgery is not in my future.

Let me tell you about this horrible experience I had flying Southwest…

Where to begin? Okay, modesty is tossed right out the window.

I have ALWAYS said that I am lucky and, although an atheist, I say god owes me nothing – NOTHING.

The good and bad about being very attractive…

Good thing: I’ve been out with women who were so hot, other men would come up to me and say things like this direct quote: “So you’re the guy that gets those women.”

Bad thing: When you play in this league, you can get dumped like this, another direct quote: “Phil, I love you, but it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is to fall in love with a regular man and you’re a regular man. My new boyfriend can afford to lay down mink coats for me when I cross a puddle”.

Good thing: Flirt and get help from women AND men. I have flirted with gay men who worked at the bank or Home Depot to get extra service. I am not a homophobe. The last time I teased a gay guy was to get a deal on a suit. Generally, looks and a dash of personality get you places and get you deals.

I have to say that the biggest plus/minus is the woman component. My wife is smoking hot, and has a rack that gets attention to the point that I have to say it might be better if she would get a frumpy haircut, wrap her boobs down tight and find a pair of jeans that make here arse look bad…but it never does! Men practically hit on her with me right there, and when I am not around, lawd knows what happens.

And I don’t care how modest or humble a hot woman thinks she is, she flexes those looks and makes my life hell, and one of the reasons I get to play in this league is my looks.

Often, when I am with friends, they will comment on my wife or they will make remarks about some bombshell I am flirting with (yeah, I flirt). They will act all cool and try to play the game. My reply to them is always, “You wouldn’t know what to do with that, so quit your yapping. And if you did figure out what to do, you’d last 4 seconds.”

Apologies if this seems snotty, but you asked.

Back when I was younger, in my 20s and 30s I got quite a bit of attention for my looks. I don’t know about stopping traffic but I turned some heads. I have very blue eyes that attracted a certain amount of attention.

But slowly, little by little, my looks are fading. I’m 47 now I don’t get nearly as much attention as I once did. It’s sad in a way but I’m coming to accept it. It’s too bad because I’m a performer (singer) and I wonder how long I can keep this up before I’m considered too old…sometimes it feels like I’m there already.

So let me just say it was fun while it lasted and on the very rare occasion I get a look or get hit on now I appreciate it and think it’s flattering (and kinda funny)

Golly gosh jjimm I’m so bloody jealous… I really am.

velvetjones So, how you doin’? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think in the long run, it all pretty much evens out. There’s no doubt it opens a lot of doors, especially with the opposite sex. Dating was great. I mean it really was a lot of fun as there weren’t many women I was ever uncomfortable with. There’s nothing horrible about being approached by stunning women with mischievous twinkles in their eyes, part of the reason I was thirty seven before settling down.

But there’s a fair bit of pressure on you too; from women to maintain these qualities and from buddies to shine, plus some outright hostility from other guys for seemingly no apparent reason other than jealousy. Small price, but it’s there nevertheless.

With time though, these perks fade, as they should. If I ever miss it, I think back on how superficial it all was, plus there’s less to worry about now. It never was important to me in the first place but it was pleasant while it lasted.

Still, I’m of a mind that there’s skills, understanding and wisdom to be gained by not having everything made easy that are, in the long run, way more desirable and of greater consequence and import. Same as what’s acquired as you get a bit older and notice that new pound and wrinkle. So again, in the long run, it’s all a wash.

Heh. I totally agree.

I don’t know if other people generally find me attractive or not upon first glance, but being young, friendly, and female usually helps in any situation, and I use it shamelessly, I’ll freely admit. Particularly when I’m standing at a crowded bar trying to get the bartender’s attention. Yes, I am without shame.

I have experienced men driving by me (while I’m walking on the sidewalk), then pulling over for the explicit purpose of chatting me up and giving me their number. It’s very flattering (although confusing as well - maybe they thought I looked like a prostitute? but most of the time it happens in broad daylight), although one or two of them did scare me a bit (it was night, and they were very persistent). I think most women, though, do have their average days and their better days, when everything somehow comes together to make them look particularly attractive (like what CairoCarol described).

Years ago I modelled, and now I clean up well. I am not falsely modest and realize I am attractive, although years ago would be something of a heartbreaker.

When I was younger, thinner and not married it was a pain in the butt a lot of the time. One of the reasons I left the military the first time around. How often can you get hit on by your instructors before it’s not funny anymore? Going to the clothes dryer and finding your panties stolen?
Men talking to your breasts and dismissing you because of your looks?

I don’t miss it one bit and am now more comfortable now that I am above average but not stunning. I want to get into shape but more for me, and not to impress anyone.

I still get attention, but it is not the constant, crazed attention of years ago. Much easier to deal with.

But…it is getting hot in here, yes?

I love that skit. I found it on the Internets once and tried to find it again, but it was gone. That makes me a sad panda.

I don’t know what it’s like to be beautiful, but it’s a little bit of an ego trip to be with someone that is abnormally beautiful. I went out with this girl that was just crazy hot. Wherever we went, the guys stopped and stared. For some reason, this poor girl also thought I was adorable, which is a plus. She got a modeling gig in Vegas and that was the end of it, but it was like living as the other half for a little while. Almost surreal to see what pretty people get.

I swear there was a ‘What’s it like to be good looking?’ thread only a few months ago. I remember because I had the gall to answer first. Good looks are nice, but great looks can be a burden (or so I hear) – people expect you to be dumb, harass you all the time, or make you so conscious of your physical beauty that preserving it becomes priority number one. Money goes to plastic surgery, brain power goes to counting calories.

I think I mentioned this in the other thread, but I’d say the majority of women have gotten at least a taste of what it’s like to feel gorgeous.

This thread is of no use unless pics are posted and only velvetjones has done that so far.
You’ll get none of yours truly 'cos I’m one ugly bugger

Well now that you’ve seen her you should buy her cd. I’m not that into jazz but I enjoyed it quite a bit.