Hey! I'm>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sortawicked,(Sherry,IRL)and I’m new here:) I’ve been checking
out a few MBs looking for a new site to post at. The place
I’ve been at is cool but it’s time for a change.I’ve been
lurking a little and you seem like a crazy bunch…my
kinda people!Please do me the honor of introducing yourself!
I hate being new so please lets get the newbie status
behind me as quickly as possible!:wink:

Sortawicked, I’m drop and I would like to be the first to welcome you aboard.

Well I’m not sort of wicked… I’m COMPLETELY wicked! ::does an evil laugh::

So we need some stats!

A/s/l? :smiley:

Welcome to the board!! Have fun and take everything with a grain of salt… maybe a teaspoon of salt… screw it just take the whole salt shaker…

Welcome sortawicked. I’m entirely wicked. Pleased to meet you in the juxtaposition evils. May Satan walk with you. Speaking of which, where’s Satan?

Just remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Try the passing lane instead, it’s much faster.

G’day sorta,

Welcome to the board (no adjectives needed: just ‘the’).
Know if you’ve been lurking you DO know about the newbie initiation test don’t you?


Hello, sortawicked! So, what makes you sort of wicked? Just curious. Nice to meet you!

Hey Sortawicked. Let me be the first other newbie to welcome you aboard.

Welcome, Sortawicked! Let me introduce you around to the really perverse, demented and certifiable…

On second thought, they’ll introduce themselves soon. They’ll be the ones who suggest mind-boggling, orgiastic initiations.


hey there…care for a bonbon?

Hi sortawicked! Be careful around the BBQ Pit. And have some fun!

Oh, and floss daily. :smiley:

Hello, sortwicked. Welcome to the SDMB. Please be advised that there’ll be regs dropping by to solicit for naked pictures. Contrary to what they may say, you’re only required to send them to Dopers of the opposite sex. :wink:

I’d like to be the first to welcome you to the SDMB, however I’ve been beaten to the punch.

Welcome anyway.

Thanks for bein’ my first!.. Welcome-er that is!!!:wink:

I’m not familiar with this type of board so please
be patient with me.I’ll get it eventually.

A question if you don’t mind…

To reply to someone and have that person know
that the reply is to them directly,do I need to
put that person’s name in the post???
(Did that make any sense to you at all???)

I’m havin’ a hellava time figuring this board out!:slight_smile:

Well, I’m entirely UNWICKED, but I’m also not judgemental.

So, WELCOME, honey.

Have fun here!

I do.


Let’s see…advice for the newbie…
Don’t post in the pit. IF you can avoid it, don’t GO into the pit. Scary place, you have to be much more than SORTA wicked to survive. Try not to take things personally. If you don’t like what you see, STOP READING and close the thread that offends you. And hang on tight, it’s a wild ride and WELL worth it!!!

And by the way, drop, are you thinking about CHEATING on me? Think again, baby-

I have MY VAYS- and I know how to use them. :slight_smile:


Unless you’re replying directly after that person, you might want to include the person’s name if the content of the post doesn’t make it clear which post you’re responding to.

Hello sortawicked Sherry, glad to meet a nice wicked woman and welcome, welcome, welcome. I am Wanderer (Bruce IRL). I have moved so many times in the last year and a half that I felt Wanderer is an appropriate name.

Scotticher gave you some great advice. If you feel you have to be wicked and go against her advice and check the pit out, just be careful. Posting there can be a horrific experience for the uninitiated.

First a quick question…(I’m full of 'em,tonight!)…
What does “A/s/l” stand for???:confused:

Stats,huh? Lemme see…

I’m 31 years old(but still get carded occasionally
so I kinda like my age!;)) I’m married and have 4
terrific and often annoying kids:).I live in Tennessee
but am origanally from Louisiana.I’m 5’3",brown eyes
and hair color varies.Depends on what shade of
L`Oreal(because im worth it!) strikes my fancy.Right
now it’s dark blonde to light brown,haven’t quite
figured it out yet. I’m not fat and I’m not skinny so
I guess I’m average.

As for that salt shaker…you’ll be needing it, as well.
So I’ll put it on the table in easy reach of all!

BTW,Did I get lucky and cover the A/s/l???