Hey June, don't make it bad (but you will) [Mini-Rant]

@DemonTree’s experience notwithstanding, sick kids are generally pretty easy (or at least ours were). They generally sleep/doze most of the day. You do have to be alert for the dreaded starting-to-barf sound, but otherwise give them a spot on the sofa with a barf pail and let them sleep with the TV on.

The real problem is the “24 hours without a fever” before daycare/school will take them back. At that point, they’re healthy, bored and wired from not doing anything for however long they were sick and demand a lot of attention.

The nice thing about your kids catching everything in the giant petri dish that is daycare, is that the do not catch everything when they are old enough for school. When my sister taught kindergarten, she said you could always tell the daycare kids - they were the ones who knew how to stand in line, and were almost never sick.

Well, the last bout of illness my son had was pretty exhausting, but the whole family and the nanny got sick. My husband and I had to take turns working and doing childcare while we were also sick. Not fun.

No, they checked her blood sugar, and took her temperature, and looked in her ears, and kept her there for observation for a while. But she didn’t vomit at the hospital, only once she was in the car on the way home. They said we should give her a rehydration mixture, but she wouldn’t drink any. I was freaking out earlier, but she’s had a long sleep and some milk, and fingers crossed seems to be better.

Daycare sucks for illness; she’s basically been low-grade ill ever since she started nursery, and she keeps getting a fever and then they send her home, and we have to take her for a Covid test and keep her home an extra day while waiting for the results. We’ve been alternating using holiday time, since it’s basically impossible to work while looking after a toddler. It’s probably worse because she spent the first year of her life in isolation, never catching a single cold.

I think when she’s a bit older we’ll be more able to do this. Right now she wants to be held all the time when she’s ill.

Don’t you get sick days?

For years I’ve had a Tilley hat. Olive green, well worn, fit my head perfectly. I felt so COOL when I wore it. I hate umbrellas so I wore my hat when it rained. I can’t find it. I know I wore it Saturday at the barn. I looked everywhere at the barn, inside my tack trunk, behind my tack trunk, in the office, in the lost and found. People don’t steal stuff at the barn. I left my saddle in the aisle for 2 days and it was still there the next time I came out. It’s not in my car (its usual living space), not at home. The horse isn’t wearing it, neither is the cat. I truly am crushed. I could buy a new one, but it just wouldn’t be the same. I’m not Catholic, but I did the St. Anthony’s prayer.

Yes, but I’m part-time, so my sick and vacation time accrue slowly. I couldn’t put off all the work until the following week because I had hard deadlines to meet that week. Such is the nature of my job. So I believe I worked about 12 hours that week, the absolute minimum I needed to meet the deadlines. And I lost income for the rest.

My husband has no sick time, he’s in private practice. Any time he misses is lost income.

Oh, right. It’s unfortunate when you’re ill, but at least being part time you get to spend more time with your son. I wanted to go back part time, but the company wouldn’t let me.

Heartless capitalist swines the lot. Come the revolution my friends…!

Yes, part-time has been a good arrangement for me, both in caring for my son and helping me stay on top of mental health issues. I have a very flexible job and not sure I’d go full time even if I could.

We do plan to put him in daycare within the next year or so (hoping he can get vaccinated when he turns two in March), but that would be five days a week. And while I’ll appreciate the time to get extra work done around the house, I will miss taking care of him.

Oh, no, that’s horrible! I haven’t been there, but I sure do understand how bare your poor head must feel now. My Dorfmann is over 25 years old and I would be devastated if I had lost it.

Did you check all around where your car was parked? Did you stop anywhere on the way home where it might have fallen out of the car door? Could it have slipped between a car seat and a door? Did you search everything you brought home with you in case it got mixed in with something?

I hope you find it!

I’m so glad we don’t have kids. Or hats.

She’s projectile vomiting again. :cry: We really thought she was getting better. She hadn’t been sick since this afternoon, she kept a feed down and even ate a little bit of food at tea. But now she’s been sick twice in a short time. What if she has some kind of blockage so it’s all coming back up?

I lost a hat about 14 years ago on the PATH train into New Jersey and I’m still upset about it. It was a glorious knitted rainbow hat with earflaps and side braids. I’ve never been able to find another. I went to a Dope fest in NYC and got a tremendous compliment on it from another Doper, and I remember saying, “Thanks. It’s more extroverted than I am.” They got a kick out of that.

The thing that irks me most of all is that if I hadn’t been so shy, I could have turned around as I exited the train and shouted, “Hey, can someone hand me the hat I dropped?” But I was too afraid. Thus I live with the burden of my cowardice forever more.

Shoulda just tried being a “dick.” You know, thanked her, taken the flyers, said “I’ll be in touch,” and left.

We used to be involved in cat rescue. We both have some guilt about buying a cat, but of course we are not talking about that. We are picking said kitten up tomorrow.

Yesterday, a casual friend and very dedicated rescue person posted on Nextdoor that her group was helping a hoarder and she currently has 22 kittens in urgent need of fostering and that there are another 70 cats and kittens waiting for places to go.

I suggested to hubs that since we can’t foster while introducing a new kitten to the resident cats, that we should buy some kitten food and litter for them. Hubs made a big enough Chewy order to qualify for free shipment.

Guilt is expensive.

The only way to find the old hat is to buy a new one first.

@eenerms , it’s been almost a month. Any updates on this?

Over a month, with no word on a suspicious thyroid biopsy. The endocrinologist is great, but he says all the Vets that were on COVID lockdown are needing service now, so they’re overwhelmed (and of course, underfunded). We’re going on to 6 weeks now.

He still has his girlfriend living part time in the house. He’s trying to get a loan to buy my SIL out. She’s a mess.

I started a new thread for July just FYI.