Hey knowledgeable cat people, I need an answer.

Obligatory picture

That is Bear. Bear is one year old, as of last week. We got from a nearby shelter 6 months ago, had Doc Laura check him out, declared healthy and he’s been here ever since, having a blast being Cuervo’s best friend .
Just in the last few days, his right eye is gathering more than the usual amount of eye-snot. Sometimes he has it half closed, sometimes not. It’s not hurting him, or bothering him in any apparent way. He’s not picking at it, and doesn’t seem to mind me taking a wet tissue to it to clean the gunk away. A lot of the time it’s wide open and fine.

I’ve looked for swelling, discoloration in the white, any weird drooping in his face, swelling or any injury. Nada.

His behavior is fine, he’s being his regular everyday shithead kitten-self. In fact right now he’s having his post dinner bath. A few minutes ago, he was making life miserable for Scarlett .

I’ll probably call Doc Laura, or Doc Heather for an appointment on Monday unless this starts to go away.

So…what am I missing here? Could it be as simple as that he just got whacked while playing?

Call Doc Laura. Now. Might be cat flu, might be a simple owie. Cats don’t act sick until it’s really bad.

Hugs to Bear from the overly cautious companion of a blind-almost-didn’t-survive-because-of-a-simple-URInfection (aka Cat Flu).

Both of my cats have, from time to time, gotten goopy eyes, sometimes half-closed, sometime not. One seems more prone to it than the other. It usually clears up about the time I decide it’s bad enough to warrant a trip to the vet. You don’t know the meaning of fun until you’ve had to administer ophthalmic ointment to a cat.

I’ve always assumed it was due to some kind of minor trauma or irritation, when only one eye is producing eye snot.

MadPansy64 is right. Better safe than sorry.

ETA: Bear is teh cute!

We keep kitty antibiotics around for such things, but a trip to the Doc is probably best.

Yup, see the vet. Eye problems can be serious or minor and can look the same to the untrained eye. It’s better to get it looked at sooner than later.

Could be Lens Luxation , its pretty serious. Our cat just lost his eye to it. I’d take him to a vet.

better safe than sorry. it could be anything from a hair caught under a lid or something really serious. call the doc.

Yesterday it actually looked a lot better. Keep in mind, there’s no swelling, discoloration, and he’s not acting irritated by it. But I know cats hide pain or discomfort a lot. He’s noticeably better today, but nevertheless he’s seeing Doc Laura at 3:30 today.

how did things turn out?

Yes, was it conjuctivitis or a scratch?