Hey, L.O.T.R. Fanatics...is this heaven or WHAT!

This Tuesday night Return Of The King is gonna be playing at Red Rocks Amphitheater. (This is a bitchin’ link. use your left/right arrow keys to spin the view 360!)

BFD? You must not be from around Denver! Did I mention there’s a concert immediately prior to the show? No? How about that the weather is s’posed to be F.I.N.E. FINE (yup, that’s an Aerosmith/Arwen allusion)? How about watching the flick in a natural outdoor amphitheater under the stars!!!

Man…sometimes I wish my wife was barren. We can’t find a sitter. :mad:

Darn cool. Three plus hours on those benches, though…tough on the bum.

But it doesn’t seem like you’d get a very good view unless you get a spot right up front.

Id love to go but I work till 8 that night. I had a pal who visited from Kentucky who saw Shrek there a few weeks ago. She and her students didnt pay much attention to the movie, the view was much better.

Numb ass? I sat through ROTK three times already…so what?