Hey La Dee Daaa, My Stepson's Back!

Many of you may remember that a whilego, my stepson Timi was livng with us, as his mother had come on extraordinarily difficult times, and couldn’t provide for him and his older sisters at all. It was almost precisely one year ago today that Timi left here, and went back to live with his mom (April 12th, 2002, to be exact).

But for many reasons that even I don’t fully understand, Timi’s mother has once again decided that she cannot care for her children at this time. So, Timi is here, again.

Dianasaur & Johnzilla have been waiting all weekend for this. Bad weather prevented my husband from travelling to pick him up. Now, I know that my kids just love their big brother, but the reception he got when he walked into the house today has convinced me that the little ones are not just his siblings–they’re his groupies. OH my Goddess. The shrieks of joy that Timi heard–while he was OUTSIDE the house, and all of the doors and windows were shut–were so loud and outrageous that Timi thought it was the TV. Like preteens at an NSync concert, they were.

And it was all I could do to keep from acting just like them. :smiley:

Tomorrow will be busy. Timi needs a few things, and we’ve got to enroll him in school. Tomorrow also happens to be my husband’s birthday, so we’ll have birthday-type stuff to do, also.

But…I’m just glad he’s here. So, so glad he’s here, safe, and happy.