Hey PapSett - look at this baby

I was browsing the Nurse mare foals pages and saw this flashy boy who looked right up your alley.2 weeks old and taken from his momma so a TB baby could have her milk.

It must be about time to start watching MareStare again. I think about the baby Nakota should’ve had, who would be about 8 mo now.


I could have him in my apartment, right?? Right???

That’s not a baby, it’s a horse!

That’s one cutey patootie :smiley:

Be still my heart! He is a lovely little guy!

(((hugs))) I know how hard it is for you over the loss of your girl and what should have been.

Why don’t you start another MareStare thread? I loved that one a couple years ago.

I love this little guy too:


And a little golden girl!



Wish I could have gotten pictures of it, but last night we had a heavy rain, and the horses at the rescue nearby me were having the time of their lives rolling around in the mud this morning.

That old white horse? Completely brown with caked-on mud! He was frisking around like a 2-year old. It was good to watch.

Not gonna be fun to clean up after them, of course! But they were having a blast.

Such cute little foals. I wish I had a place to keep a horse.