Live Foaling Cam

This mare should give birth tonight. How cool! I hope she delivers before I go to bed.


She can tell something’s going on back there and she’s not all that pleased about it …

That’s prime pay-per-view material right there.

It appears her contractions are about 2 minutes apart, shouldn’t be long now.

She’s starting to push. It’s 8:56 PST

False alarm, just poo!

3:45 EST - a stablehand comes in and kicks at the straw a bit then leaves. Shezza’s really not into this. I wonder if it’s her first?

Darn! Blocked from work. When I checked this morning, there still wasn’t a foal on the ground.


9:20 EST - the horse in the next stall stuck his/her head over the partition to see what’s going on. Shezza is poking around the stall, looking like she’s thinking, “This is so boring. Why isn’t there any grain in this bucket? Can’t we get this show on the road???” Otherwise, there’s not much happening.

10:00 a.m. Looks like she has discomfort in her hindquarters-she is rubbing her rump on the sides of the stall and straining with her head and mouth. She is definitely uncomfortable–I would say it will happen any time now.

BangtheDrum - She was doing the same thing last night, and sort of kicking at her belly, but she didn’t deliver.


10:20 Just gas.

Oh my goodness this is so cool! I’ve never seen a horse giving birth.
She’s definitely doing some straining.

Update 11:24am EST (8:25 barn time)

“Contacted the vet. She is not concerned. She is just getting ready. We will be turning her out in the arena for a few minutes this morning”

I’m glad to hear the vet’s cool with it. I would have thought it would have been over long before now.

They have her out walking now while they clean out her stall. Must be getting close to time!

My daughter’s entire office has been keeping an eye on the cam all day.

Still pregnant.

There was a kitty that ran through the stall awhile ago. That was an exciting addition to the mucking. At least the horsey is back, when I tuned in she was out.

She’s back. Still pregnant. Still quiet.

Update from teh twitter feed, about 11am Barn Time -

"She is back and was not happy being out. We fixed her stall up to make her more comfy. Milk is white and testing a fast 5 on the milk test "

I saw it peep out on a contraction.

I’ve been hooked to this damn thing all day!

Now I have to step out for a few minutes and I’m scared I’ll miss it, dammit!

I have to step out too and I keep putting it off. Hold it in there for one more hour, Shezza!