Hey! That was my idea you..... you....

This isn’t just about me. It’s about EVERYONE who made posts to the Straight Dope threads below.

Firstly refer to this link regarding a remake of the Wickerman film.

Now refer to this thread and note the day of my post:

Next, note the date on the top of this web page.

Arguably, the first time a remake of the Wickerman was suggested was here on the Straight Dope.

There are other threads here in which people offer up ideas on how Nicholas Cage and his ilk can ensure themselves a steady supply of $90 underpants. Here’s one of them:


I always have a lot of ideas, business and otherwise. I just never get support to develop them. It’s my bad luck to know a lot of fuckwits with no business sense whatsoever. I’m just about resigned to the fact that one by one my ideas will become other people’s ideas, they’ll get rich and I’ll remain poor. It’s happened before. So, I suppose there’s no harm in revealing what you’ll be watching at the movies, say, around 2004/5.

A Cathy/Heathcliff love story based on a modern day Pagan/Christian conflict with an intelligent paranormal angle. A lot of night visuals possibly set on the English moors or in the American wilderness. Coming soon to a DVD near you!

So, you’re saying that ever since 1973, nobody in Hollywood has ever thought of remaking The Wicker Man–until some evil Hollywood producer happened to read your SDMB post in November of 2000 and thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea! Let’s do a remake of Wicker Man!”

Uh huh.

I am somewhat disappointed that Netflix does not have the DVD available. Everytime I check it’s marked as “unrentable.”

With that being said,
speaking as staff member
This sounds more like a rant to me, so I’m going to move it to The BBQ Pit.
end of staff member speech

Come on, man! You’re raking in those big “Administrator” dollars! Spring for the limited edition boxed set! It comes in a cool little wooden case that you can look at and go “oooo” while Edward Woodward is tormented onscreen.

The evil producer stealing movie plots off the internet is MY MOVIE IDEA!

Oh great, now he is going to get me!

Well, you know, the invention of the Internet has put a new focus on the idea of intellectual property, copyrighting etc. As far as I can make out only one rule applies: The person who realises the idea owns the idea. Many people have the same ideas and often at the same time because that’s the way of the world. The ones who profit from them are the ones who market them successfully, not just talk about them. This isn’t the only website where interesting concepts are bandied around. I quite often wonder about halfbaked.com which specialises in that kind of thing. The contributors there seem to do it without the word “patent” ever crossing their minds. Why give it away?

And guys: About Aldous Huxley’s “After Many A Summer” (so, relevant, so now, as you know): I see it in extreme retro 1930s -1950s Californian style. Over the top tailfins, SF references, wayfarers and Jude Law. It should have something to say about the English ex-patriate community that lived there at that time.

I also see Goths mercenaries…a new breed of soldier raised on Ogrish and Slipnot and Marilyn Manson dressed in full regalia storming into lower Iraq. Mind you, I never saw three hours of hobbits bashing each other with polystyrene as remotely marketable. And I mean, I never saw it. Also: I didn’t want this in BBQ. Thank you.

Remember when Roger had his storyline for a TV show “stolen” on What’s Happenin’?

Sauron: No, I don’t believe I saw that but it sounds like I’d want to.

What about this comment from Sofa King in one of the links above: “I’m all behind Rocketeer’s suggestion for some Aubrey/Maturin films. Maybe if Russell Crowe puts on some weight…”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Well, I suppose I’d admit to a few shortcomings in my movie suggestions. A film version of Bite Me Not, for instance would mean working around the fact that the lead vampire character is completely nude - animal nude. It’s such a good story though that I’d belief he could sew.

I’ve just found out that another of my ideas has been taken! Yes! As I said to Spoofe (way down) in this thread*:


why don’t you make a movie about Rodney Bingenheimer Spoofe? What a guy. What a club. Spoofe, I said, this guy would make Cameron Crowe look like John Denver’s mother. Unfortunately, unbeknown to me, someone else had already thought of it. Damn. At least it shows my ideas are Hollywood worthy.

Here’s some stuff on the movie:
*Why has your name gone all red in that thread Spoofe? It never used to be.

Keywords turn red when you use them as search terms. Cool, huh?

So, G. Nome, any new ideas lately?

Wait, wait…
:searches for pen and scratch pad:
Ok, sorry about that. Go ahead.

All right. Take this down. This film is about a guy who leads an everyday, ordinary, average-in-every-way kind of life. Then, gradually, slowly, in tiny increments things begin to change and turn weird. People start saying and doing things which deviate more and more from their normal behaviour. The guy becomes more and more isolated. The intimacy he shared with his girlfriend fades when she starts to seem more in allegiance with his best friend although she insists this isn’t true. The clothing of the people around him starts to change is odd ways. TV reporters start saying strange things. In the end everyone wears penquin suits. Also: I see the Gothic American South’s turn at bat coming any time soon.

You’d think I was terminally ill wouldn’t you? Or at least that I didn’t care. You’d think I could afford Clinque’s new super improved Turnaround cream. Well, no no no.