Hey Voice-

Ok, so what was the victim criteria?

Or, can it be guessed from what had happened in the thread?

I’m on lunch, so no time to review, but anybody else?

(also, fwiw, I have used a nom de plume de soq id in my posts before- seemed to work- looks like inor is posting, but I/he makes it clear that it is really him, rino- fakes everybody just the heck out…)
And Kricket?
Drinking from the carton, especially after eating oreos is one of my joys. So is spitting in the waffle batter and looking around and making eye-contact with the ones I’m warning off…
No gentleman, I.

[sub]when I have guests whom I would just as soon not have- see, ya gotta do it in plain sight. :smiley:

In one of the BBQ pit threads spawned as a result, he said it was the number of letters in your user name.

Even lives
Odd gets the ax.

I’m just sorry I missed out on all of the fun!

How did that happen, I wonder?
Oh, yeah, I had company last night.

Thanks **Monster