Hey! Why didn't I hear about this AbFab New York special?

Hey, this one sure snuck by me. I didn’t hear squat about a new AbFab special, the last twenty minutes of which I just caught on the Comedy Channel. Edina and Patsy go to New York to go to fashion shows, and meet up with the elusive Serge. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but I will point out that it was completely hysterically funny, at least the twenty minutes that I saw. It was an hour and a half long and I missed most of it!


Somebody should have tipped me off. Eve, had you heard about this?

The gods shone down upon me and not only did I hear about it 10 minutes before it came on…I had a blank tape!!!
Sorry. Don’t mean to gloat.

Don’t worry, pugluvr; CC will undoubtedly run it again and again and again…

It was very funny, and it’s being re-run at 1:30 AM Chicago time… check your Comedy Central listings.

If you had read The Advocate online, you would have known. They have a review here, but be warned, they didn’t like it.

God damn this memory of mine!

Couldn’t keep in it for one day the fact that AbFab was tonight! Argh!

I have to agree with that Advocate review for the most part. Almost the entire show felt pathetically out-of-date. If you remember the original series was designed entirely to spoof the in-the-minute hipness of the fashion world, every passe reference just hurt more and more.

The one great scene was with Whoopi Goldberg, in which Eddy and Patsy pretend to be a bickering gay couple. That worked and was funny. The rest…

BTW, The credits run by so fast you can’t read them. Fortunately, I had it on tape and hit the slow button. Jane Horrocks plays both Bubbles and Lola. Had no idea at all.

Also, do you realize that Jennifer Saunders is closer in age to Julia Sawalha than to Joanna Lumley?