Hi Flyp, I'm your life, and I'll be screwing you over this weekend...


Okay, here we go. Friday afternoon, I’m sending my bill payments in like a good little citizen, and I feel the edge of an envelope scratch my lip. Fearing a papercut, I feel the area with both fingers and tip of tongue repeatedly, so as to make sure I’m not bleeding profusely from my mouth. No blood, but there was a constant feeling of something there, so I keep rechecking. Now, as anyone who is afflicted with cold sores knows, this is a certain fucking recipe for causing one of the damn things to develop. Yep, early Friday evening, and I’m already feeling the goddamn thing come on.

Now, I’m a vain little shit, so this pretty much shot my weekend in the ass. I had to beg out of a group date with a girl who I’m pretty sure is interested in me. A rare enough occasion in itself, but on top of that, I actually like spending time with this one (as opposed to one or two others who’ve been around recently). And I have an extremely important appointment this Friday night, so I’m praying to each and every god, supernatural entity and invisible pink unicorn I can find to get this thing off my face by then.

But it gets better.

Saturday, I came home from hiding out at my parents’ place, and made one trip up to my apartment with my hands full with every intent of coming back down to the Jeep to get my caseful of CDs. I somehow forget to, and in the hours between 7 PM Saturday and about 5 PM Sunday, some slimy, soulless, pigfaced, rutting chimpfuck STOLE 24 OF MY FUCKING CDS!!! GODDAMNIT!!

Now, because I love you Dopers to death, I thought I’d ask you guys for some help. Following is a list of what I can remember was stolen. If any of you guys have these discs and would like to sell the originals (sorry, but I’ve got a bias against burned copies of CDs-long story), please contact me.

[li]Belly-Star[/li][li]So I Married An Axe Murderer Sdtrk.[/li][li]New Order-Substance[/li][li]No Doubt-Tragic Kingdom[/li][li]Garbage-Garbage[/li][li]Garbage-Version 2.0[/li][li]Dave Matthews Band-Before These Crowded Streets[/li][li]Blues Traveler-Four[/li][li]Collective Soul-Dosage[/li][li]Barenaked Ladies-Rock Spectacle[/li][li]Barenaked Ladies-Stunt[/li][li]10,000 Maniacs-Our Time In Eden[/li][li]They Might Be Giants-Severe Tire Damage[/li][li]Goo Goo Dolls-Dizzy Up The Girl[/li][li]American Pie Sdtrk.[/li][li]Blink 182-Enema of the State[/li][li]Erasure-Pop! The First 20 Hits[/li][/ul]

That’s all I can remember. If I can think of the others, I’ll put them up. And if anyone feels the need to comment on a) the length of my rant, or b) my taste in music, keep in mind I’d probably want to hear that as much as you’d like me to rip your tongue out through your asshole in the Pit.

Can’t help on the CD’s, but I wanted to make sure you knew about the wonders of Lysine. I get cold sores a couple of times a year, and as soon as I start feeling that magical tingle, I take 2-3 Lysine pills for the next few days. It either completely stops the growth of the cold sore, or limits the growth in a pretty major way. Either option is better than having a pus filled, scab encrusted pox mark on your lip.

And, on that lovely imagery, I am going to finish eating my cereal now.

Ouch, I feel your pain my man. It’s been a while since that much crap has gone down in a short amount of time, but I remember vividly, the cruel hands of fate twisting and poking at my internals.

If any of your music is out of print, I suggest E-Bay. I have picked up 2 albums still in shrink-wrap that have been out of print for over a decade.

I wish you well on your journey to replacement/recoupment

Lysine works wonders. I get cold sores too and poof they are gone.

Sorry Flypper, that sucks. :frowning:

You should be able to get most of those at a used CD store cheaply. Oh, and I think your taste in music rocks!

I have 2 copies of Four.

I s’pose I can part with one. I don’t really need cash, what ya got to trade? Any cool toys, etc?

I’ve tried the Lysine before, and as I remember, it didn’t really help me too much. Might be time to try again, though-Mully or Sue, can you guys tell me what brand you use? And what strength the tablets are?

psy-Umm, I dunno. I’ll have to check. I used to have 2 water ballon slingshots, but I’m not sure where they’re at now. Not interested in old Rolling Stones or Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books are you?

Dem-Thanks for the compliment, chief. Lessee, ya dig my music, ya dig my shirts…maybe I should come out there. We can sit around and get tanked. Spiffled eats it as far as used CDs go, but there’re one or two place I think I’ll try.

rubes-I went and checked some of the shit on eBay, and I found most of the stuff I wanted, for cheaper than new. Now the problem is how much I’m willing to pay for impatience. (I know, ladies, you’re thinking, “Hey, he’s vain, he’s impatient, he’s forgetful, and he’s infected with herpes! How’s he still single?!!!???!?!” It’s a talent.)
But thanks for the tip, rubes.

Oh, and in case anyone’s actually checking their collections for stuff to sell, I remembered a couple others.

[li]Satriani, Vai and Johnson-G3[/li][li]Smashmouth-Astrolounge[/li][/ul]

      • *!!!

Fucking tags.

Can’t help you on the CD’s. . .

However, be careful about the paper cut. I heard about a woman who got a similar paper cut–next thing ya know, she has a mouth full of hatchling spiders from spider eggs in the envelope glue.

(just in case you hadn’t heard that one)

Flyp, I’ll need to look at it at home, but I’ll let you know tomorrow regarding the particulars of the Lysine I use.

I don’t listen to any of those bands, so I can’t help you out.

BUT, I’m interested to know why you’re so anti-CD burners. After my 300 CDs were stolen last January, my boss bought me a CD burner and it’s the only thing that has saved me from a nervous breakdown.

I’m not really anti-burner. It’s just that the few examples I’ve heard of burned CDs have been of lower quality than originals. I realize there are several factors involved in each recording, and that I may’ve just stumbled on a few bad ones. Rather than take the chance, though, I’m just going to get the originals.

Plus, I’m hatching a nice little plan for my neighborhood asshole. This is the third time I’ve had someone get into my vehicle, so I’m going to try some very interesting things. I need the jewel cases and inserts for this plan.

Flyp, cruise on over to Chambana, check out The Record Exchange. All the used tunes you can imagine, and a shitload of bootlegs, concert tapes, and imports. You’re stuff is all pretty common and mainstream so I’s bet they have a surplus of each dics, ie nice and cheap.

It’s ON brotha!!! Wooo hooo!!! :wink:

Record Exchange, huh? If it’s not raining (and I’m not still Scabs McGurk), I may just drop the top and head over there, Omni. Thanks for the info, man.

Demo-If things go the way I want over the next few weeks, “disposable income” may cease to be an oxymoron. I may be out there sometime soon. I’ve never seen the Pacific.

Sorry about your weekend, Monkey. I can’t help you w/ any of those CDs, but we have a lot of used CD stores around here, so I’ll keep my eye out for ya. I feel your pain on that one - a few years ago someone broke into my truck (they broke the sliding rear window, which of course is the most difficult and expensive one to replace) while it was in my driveway and got 60 of my CDs. A lot of them were promos and stuff from when I was a DJ, so they were irreplaceable. I’m still bitter about that. If you want to come up for a weekend and commiserate (drink), let me know.

Flyp, I have Severe Tire Damage. Write me at matt_mcl@hotmail.com and I’ll arrange to sell it to you. (I’m Canadian, so it’ll be cheap :slight_smile:

Flyp, its a cool collegey store, used to stop in there every week in college. But it been 3 years since I’ve been there, so you’ll want to call to see that their still in bidness. Not to mention there will be summer hotties abound on Green Street. Its located on Green Street between Wright and 6th., in a second floor walkup.

Check out “Record Service” too, ame deal. But now that I think about it I can;t remember which store is which…Record Servce might be the one on Green and Record Exchange might be off campus. Shit, they’re there, grab the yellow pages and take a look.

Record Service it is.


Map and Location

I have a copy of stunt I don’t mind parting with…more info, email: sin1nombre@hotmail.com