Hi, I would like to tell you about Jesus Christ, the only way to God

Reported (google shows identical posts on many different forums)

It’s a miracle!!

Well, that’s all well and good for sheep, but what are we to do?

Hi Jacqueline. Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Board. I am a Christian, and I have found that approaching non-believers with bible verses is not an effective way to change their minds. You are arguing from an authority that a non-believer has no reason to recognize.

Good luck.

So anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus Christ is going to hell? Jews, Muslims, atheists, agnostics? What about gay Christians? Or female pastors?

Who is this Jesus guy? Why haven’t I ever heard about him before? Does he have a blog or something?

Copy/paste. The modern way to salvation.

He probably blocked you from his twitter feed. You know who else blocks people from his twitter feed?

He only posted once and it multiplied!

I object to the “only way” tenet. I think God is capable of making himself felt in many ways to many peoples and that Christians don’t necessarily have a monopoly on salvation.

Christianity might be a guide for one’s behaviour, but all of its mystical/supernatural concepts like an eternal Hell are mere superstition.

I opened this up because I thought it was going to be a funny rant about missionaries coming to the door. I had a sinking feeling when I saw the join date. Skimmed it anyway. Oh well.

Welcome to the Straight Dope.

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something about every stoner would cry out…

Call me prejudiced but I doubt we’ll be hearing from Ms Deane again.

Loaves, fishes, and now forum threads ! What a guy !

This is so much easier(and cheaper) than littering park benches and public toilets with God’s little Tijuana Bibles, isn’t it?

Jacqueline, your god sounds oetty and vindictive. Why should I admire him?

A lot easier to clean up, too! Makes me wonder why that didn’t happen… Also, I missed the part of the OP that was deleted, but what’s left hardly qualifies as an opening post, does it?

will have a hard time proving your beliefs because it is a proven fact that everything thought ,taught ,read, wrote, or said comes from the mind or pen of another human being, plus there are many different ways to look at Christianity. If (in my belief )
God wants peole to believe in something he wouldn’t need another himan to teach them. A being that knows all things ahead of time must want people to follow their own course. Because God would have known Satan would turn on him and then on his human children it must be something he wanted or wants.