Hi, I would like to tell you about Jesus Christ, the only way to God

Jesus is cool … I kinda like his character.
However, I’m not impressed with many of his followers.
And “the only path to God?”
Really …
Which “God” is that?
There are many, you know.
I honour several myself.

And for all it’s worth to you to save our souls, you can’t be bothered to spent a single minute to find out.
Thanks for your “concern”. :rolleyes:

I disagree.:smiley:

Three things:
[li]Great Debates is the appropriate forum for witnessing if people wish to do that.[/li][li]Do not call people trolls here.[/li][li]New posters may not be familiar with the rules here so I find it important to welcome anyone that has an interest in discussion who wishes to sign up and post. This doesn’t change no matter their likelihood to continue posting here.[/li][/ol]


And that’s the Father, Son and Holy Ghost right there!

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Now I have no idea what Jesus said and I’m probably going to hell.

Thanks, Bone!

“not all those who wander are lost” :wink:

At least we now have a good reason for witnessing - the Lord has laid such a huge burden on proselytizers that they can get relief only by off-loading it on the heathen.

I guess that makes sense. I resolve to be kinder to Jehovah’s Witnesses, even when they ring my doorbell early on Saturday mornings.

You asked to volunteer at the church and they couldn’t immediately suggest something for you to do? That has to be a first. I know a lot of people who have asked to volunteer at their church, there was never a shortage of activities to which they could contribute. Like your pastor didn’t say “Go down to the soup kitchen and serve meals.” or “Go to a senior’s home and spend time with elderly who are lonely” or any of the number of charitable activities your community could almost certainly use? I’d suggest finding a better pastor/church.

Wait…tell me about who? Jesus…Christ??? Huh! I’ve never heard of him before!!! If it hadn’t been for you, the only Christian to ever speak to me about the topic, I would have been completely oblivious of the possibility of joining his church! Thanks a bunch for this new information!!!

Hi, Jackie - welcome to the SDMB.

The Lord calls us to preach to all the nations, because he is merciful to all. Fortunately, out of mercy to the preachers, He also said this.

Don’t sweat it. Conversion is the work of the Spirit.


I apologize for indicating that she might be trolling.

What about babies that die shortly after birth - they haven’t accepted Jesus, but he’s going to condemn them to an eternity of torment?

Also, in regards to the OP - what’s with these people “witnessing” who seem to think that someone in the Western world could grow up sufficiently to post here without having heard of this Jesus guy? There must be damn few places anywhere on this planet where they haven’t stuck their noises in and brayed about their God. We’ve heard of him, OK? This isn’t news anymore.

I love “Pearls Before Swine.” That’s one of my favorite comic strips.

Matthew 7:6 “Do not give dogs what is holy; and do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under foot and turn to attack you.” Really?

St Francis of Assisi reportedly said "Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use words.”

Don’t doubt the Holy Word of God.



Oh, I don’t doubt it. Nope. Not doubt.

Excellent news. James 1:5-8.


Who is this God person, anyway?