Hi, I'm Albert Einstein

So, I get up early this morning and go into take my shower. Wash my hair all nicely nicely. Get out and I got distracted for a while and when I finally realize it’s time to go to work, throw on my watch cap and head out the door.

Sure enough, when I get to work and take off my cap and realize that it’s dried like that…

Hey look! I’m Albert Einstein!

Break out the digital camera! If you’re going to go to the trouble of telling us about this, you should provide us with a visual aid.

Let me apologize for hitting the “quote” button when I was the first person to respond – as if there were any confusion as to what I was responding to!

Hey look —— I’M Albert Einstein.

Heehee Euty… I second Snooooopy’s emotion. Don’t tease without pics!

What will they say in lil’ Rhody when they see Einstein running around?

Hi, Al. Max Planck. Nice to meetcha.