Hi, I'm new!!

I just wanted to say hi and introduce mysel. My name is Amanda and I am an 18-year old college student in PA. So … hiya!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you been lurking long, or are you totally new to the boards?

Hopefully you find this an interesting and funny place.

One word of advice, ignore anything that lieu has to say, he’s groody. :wink:

Welcome! I’m also a college student in PA - what school do you go to?

Did you intend to be pricess and not princess?

You know, shark prices took a rather large jump for this holiday weekend.

They’re getting downright expensive.


If it is a typo, you can contact one of the mods to correct it

Hi sharkpricess. Be welcome, enjoy your stay.

Welcome to the SDMB, sharky!

Did you apply for your Official Secret Decoder Ring yet?

And, what is your opinion on the pressing issue of 1920’s Style Death Rays?

Thanks everyone!! Bosa - I don’t know if your’e joking or not, but no I have not applied haha…

I got to Penn State where do you go?

And nope, usually princess is taken on most sites, so I hafta be different, pricess fits the bill!! :stuck_out_tongue:

::waves:: Hello!!

Hmmm… first post … in The Pit? Maybe she wants someone to …

Look, chick, it must be real swell to be 18 and in college and all, but we don’t want to hear about it, OK? We’ve no room here for 18 year olds, or girls, or Pennsylvanians.

We hate you, in fact. I personally can only hope your eyes fall out and are crushed by a steamroller rendering you blind and incapable of posting here ever again. I shall lie awake tonight vigorously masturbating to thoughts of you being dragged through the streets of Calcutta by incontinent elephants whilst your nipples are chewed off by rabid hamsters.
So welcome aboard.

Oh. This isn’t The Pit after all.

Ummm… my bad.

furtburger, there are many brands of decaf that taste just as good.

That is the most curmudgeonly stalactite I’ve ever seen in my life.

Indeed, it’s like he WANTS to be deletorious to the newbie! :wink:

Welcome, sharky.


What’s wrong with Pennsylvania (he tentatively asks…)

Nittany Lions RULE!!!

Just like you live in Pennsyvania – is Pennsylvania usually taken? :wink:

Welcome aboard, and please sacrifice your waking hours to that which is known as the Straight Dope boards time vortex.

Get out while you still can.

Or, if you’re really regretting signing up, maybe you can go back in time and avoid registering.

Seriously, though, I hope you enjoy the SDMB. Just don’t expect us to “do your homework” for you… :wink: