Hi, I'm Soapbox Monkey, and I'm a GUY

I just wanted to clarify this because in some of my threads people seem to make the assumption that I’m a woman. Or maybe they think I’m gay. But I’m neither.

Just wanted to settle that. :smiley:

Hi, Soapbox Monkey! I’m Phall0106, and I’m a WOMAN! (Not that anyone ever asked, or even to my knowledged, assumed different.)

I’m lieu and I’m a cheese doodle, but many of you already knew that.

I didn’t know that. :frowning:

Hey…*I * knew you were a guy! :smiley:

Soapbox Monkey…I thought you were a gay woman! :wink:

Yeah, a lot of hermaphrodites make that mistake.

I just assumed you were a guy. Didn’t think many girls would label themselves a “Monkey.” Hmm…

Have you met our friend Dung Beetle?

Hi, Soapbox.

Admitting you have a problem is half of the solution. Sucks that we’ll never get a toaster, though.

Hi, I’m Miller, and I reproduce through asexual cellular fission.

Hi, I’m Brainiac4, and I’m a 12-level effector intelligence.

Is Dung Beetle a girl?

MPSIMS? Or is he just a man in his humble opinion?

Well you cleared things up for me, because I thought you were a guy. For some reason I tied the “Phall” in your name with “phallus” and decided you were male.

Ok, now I feel embarrased that I would have randomly tried to form that connection. :o

[Freud]Zo, tell me about your mother, Omega:smiley:

I am proud to be a part of the International Brotherhood Of Penis Wielders.

Hi, Soapbox! I’m fishbicycle.

I am both a fish and a bicycle.

I reproduce by osmosis.

(FTR, I thought you were a guy.)

I’m Tentacle Monster.

Oh, come on. Guess.

I’m Larry Mudd, and I’m an autochthon.

I am a guy too… and I’m not that kind of Bear…