Hi-Keeba! MST3K is on hulu.


Just thought I’d share that. I swear I’m not a stealth marketer, and I didn’t spend the last several years on the Dope building a credible personality just to make this one monumental announcement.

I wish Hulu would improve the video quality, though. Also they need to do something about the size. There’s the standard resolution, which looks okay in a tiny window on the screen. Then there’s “hi-def”, which plays in the same size window so you can’t see any difference. The only other option is to go full-screen, which is too big even with the high-def. I don’t know why they don’t let you watch with a window size appropriate for the resolution they’re offering.

Anyone want to recomend any of the episodes they’ve made available? I really liked MST3K when it was a good episode, but the not so good episodes are pretty boring.

Rockin’ good news!

Re: recommended episodes, I always thought that the better the original movies were, the better the MST episode turned out. YMMV, of course…TRM

There are also a bunch of episodes on Google Video. I just found them a few days ago. Woo hoo! Mostly pretty low quality video, but honestly, does that really matter much?

I hope Hulu gets more up. The way they will put up a handful of eps of a show and nothing else really bugs me. But I haven’t seen a few of these, or don’t remember seeing them, so I know what I will be doing today!

Sadly, only a limited number of episodes are available. I’m sure the ones produced by Sandy Frank are never going to be made available. Seems Frank suffers under the delusion that his films are actually good and therefore was offended that people had the nerve to make fun of his art.

Well, coming from a man who likes to crap in his hand, who can argue with that?

Oh how I hope this is a reference to an MST3K joke or something in a movie, and not what it sounds like.

Protip: click the “Pop-Out” button and then you can resize the video to any size you please.

Yes, one of the songs from “Time of the Apes” (Episode 306) was:
“Sandy Frank!
Sandy Frank!
Likes to crap in his hand!”

I guess that might have looked like it was directed towards gaffa, sorry!

Are they still outta fumar?

If you have a Netflix account, several episodes are available for streaming on there as well (and with better quality IMO than Hulu). And they’re not the same episodes, so…fun! One of the Netflix eps, “Racket Girls,” is one of my favorites.

Laserbeam, Werewolf and the Zombie one with Adam West are also very good.

Sidenote: The new Cinematic Titanic is coming out next week!

They found more under the Sampo, right next to the Hamdingers.

But it was all covered in SPACOM.