So what’s up? Did I miss anything? I probably did, I don’t mind though.

Are you are still arguing?

Arguing? No. We’ve devolved into throwing things.
: throws kitten at JimNightshade :


I caught the kitty! It is safe now. Did you know that flying cats have butter on their back? This one did anyhow.

Can I throw some pie? I have way too much pie - I can share it or debate its existence - but I prefer to throw it.

: throws :

Nevermind. Apparently it’s real. But a spambot could get by with saying stuff like the OP.

Huh? I guess I really DID miss something…

What was that all about BigT? I was only trying to have some fun.

Would you like some pie?

Mr. Nightshade has been around since 2007. An easy way to check this is to look at a poster’s public profile. :wink:

And congratulations on catching the kitty without getting scratched. I won’t ask for pics, because your hands are obviously full.

I can’t answer for anyone else, but I’m not arguing.

I think it might have been de-clawed - it did emit happy purring noises when I put it down gently next to catnip and the roaring hippo.

: throws pie with an extra large layer of whipped cream at Yllaria’s general direction :

: waits for sound of impact :

I like pie.

I like kittens, too.

I do not like kitten pie, however.

Somthing wicked this way comes.


I know. I was worried he got hacked (like my Yahoo! mail account). It just seemed too much like the SPAM posts I see on YouTube. You know, they say something ambiguous like “I don’t know, but I think Product X is amazing.”

I think it’s because I didn’t catch the last two SPAM posts on the board, and I got a bit paranoid.

And, if anyone cares, I’ve been here over a year, and I’ve never gotten any pie. :frowning: Nor have I seen the goat. Did it eat my pie?

I think Twickster became annoyed about the goat posts and barbecued it.

Yech! Now my pie is covered in cat hair.

Mmm mmm mmm, Jamaican-style goat stew. Yummy!

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