Hidden Talents

Thinking about my life, I suddenly developed a theory that I’d like to share (mundane and pointless as it is). Here goes:

Everybody probably is good at something. So if I haven’t found anything that I’m really good at, that just means it has to be something I’ve never tried out yet, right?

Let’s call that my Hidden Talent[sup]TM[/sup]. And since nobody has ever seen my Hidden Talent[sup]TM[/sup], I might as well pick whatever I like.

I picked playing golf as my Hidden Talent[sup]TM[/sup]. That means I am so good at golf, if I ever tried it I’d put all others to shame. Naturally, I wouldn’t want to do that. Hence, I’ll never play golf, keep my Hidden Talent[sup]TM[/sup] hidden and everybody else happy.

What would you pick for your Hidden Talent[sup]TM[/sup]?

Embezzlement. :slight_smile:

BOMB DEFUSER–naturally I’m hesitant to try out my Hidden Talent, just in case I’m wrong about it.:smiley:

I can turn invisible when no one is looking. And I can fly when it’s TOTALLY dark out–seriously.

I can read 5 threads at once without any strain. Sad…

I think embezzlement would be great… and easy, considering my job. I could print myself up a check of any amount I want, but if I were to make it to big, I think they would try to check the amount before cashing it. Then I would get busted, since I don’t have any accounts with the company I print checks for.


My hidden talent is probably something like “poop sculpture” or something of that nature.