High School Newspaper--Blue & Gold?

Over the years, I attended several high schools. They all called their newspaper or yearbook comittee The Blue & Gold.

Including those schools whose colors were not blue & gold! :dubious:

I have, off & on, found similar references in books & magazines that repeat this theme.

Any explainations?

My high school’s colors actually were blue and gold, and neither our school newspaper nor our yearbook were called anything like that.

Outside of that, nothing to add.

Ditto on all fronts. I’ve never heard of this meme.

ditto too.

Is it possible that the school’s colors once were blue and gold? I can’t speak for high schools, but my elementary school has changed its colors since I attended, to the color of the high school to which it feeds. I have yet to learn why.

Hmmm…the Cub Scouts anniversary celebration is called the Blue & Gold Banquet. Possibly related?

On further thought: nah.

It’s entirely possible that you just happened to have gone to(what? 2-3 high schools?). And they just happened to have used this color scheme as the name of their newspaper/yearbook. It really, really was a popular color combination for all kinds of things as far back as the mid-1800s.

So, perhaps you just have some anecdotal evidence just as the others who have responded. It might mean nothing.