High school reunion next Saturday night

45 years ago…egads, I’m feeling old.

I went to #20 and #25. At #25, I ran into a buddy that I thought was dead; someone told me that they had heard he had been killed in a car wreck.

At least, this time I’m taking a good looking babe with me. SWMBO’s gonna knock 'em right off their feet. :smiley:

I went to #30, and I’m not going to any more. Those people are old.

One woman was really pretty and nice in high school - all she did was give me her medical history, and complain about the number of stairs she had to climb to get to the party room. I could feel my arteries harden just talking to her.

Not me - I’m young! I’m vibrant! I have a lot to live for!

Now if I could only remember where I parked the car…


PS - The Lovely and Talented Mrs. Shodan took a disturbing amount of interest in which of my old girlfriends got fat.

I helped organize and went to only one: the 40th. I wouldn’t do another one.

I went to my 10th last weekend it was a blast. Most people still looked good. One of the married ones declared her undying love for me, luckily her husband did not attend. All in all I can’t wait for the next one.

I went to my 10th and 20th and had a pretty good time at both. My 30th was just last year and I would have gone to that one as well except that my son was only a few months old so it was too hard to make any travel arrangements. (I now live several hundred miles away from my high school.) I kind of wish we’d been able to go – I would’ve showed them that the shy nerd finally got the girl!

Does your wife know?


The only one I’ve been to so far was my 15th, and that just because I happened to be in town that weekend anyway. I’ll probably make an effort for my 25th, too, but that’s still a ways away.

Am I the only one slightly bugged by the way reunions are set up? There were a lot of folks I knew and was friends with back then who were in different years from me, and you won’t find those folks at a reunion. But you will find folks who are 5 (or 10, or 15…) years ahead or behind you, whom you’d never have met. It seems to me that it’d make more sense to have a reunion weekend every three or four years or so, and the reunion could be for everyone who was in high school (at any grade level) 10 years ago or whatever. That way you’d be able to meet up with not just your class, but with other folks you knew, too.

I have never been to one, and don’t plan to. In 2 years it’ll be our 50th, and I have no intention of spending time with a lot of people who are pushing 70.

I went to my 10th (waste of time) and 40th (big waste of time). None of the people I was hoping to see were there, of course they played the music that was popular in high school (60’s) which I didn’t like then and pretty much hate now. I could have saved myself the trip if they had published who had registered, but of course they don’t do that because fewer people would attend. Anyway, that’s it for me.

I went to my 10th (class of ~60) which was really fun. Undecided on 15th or 20th.

My 15th is sometime this year. I missed my 10th, so I definitely want to go.

I watched a documentary recently about the life and career of Hugh Hefner.

They showed him at his 50th reunion dancing with a 68 year old woman and then they all took a group picture.

Everyone was smiling but you could almost “see” the envy on the other 68 year men who would be going home with their 68 year wives while “Hef” flew home to California to be with his 22 year old twin girlfriends.

A few years back an acquaintance of mine from HS felt that way. In HS there was a big group of friends who ran cross country and track. At reunions, she was only able to see a few of those people, but the majority graduated a year or two or three before or after her. She decided to organize a reunion of cross country and track runners from anywhere close to the era that she graduated. That reunion was the same weekend as her 25th HS reunion, so about 50 of us got together the afternoon of their reunion at a local hotel. Good times and I got to see a ton of people that I would never see at a traditional HS reunion.

My high school does it right. They have a huge all-school reunion every 5 years. My great aunt is the oldest attendee. You have the opportunity to see everyone at one time and it’s fun to see sibling’s friends from high school, too.