Highway Sign in Pennsylvania. Hmmmm.

I’m driving east yesterday from Toledo, Ohio to New York State. I’m on Route 80, driving through Strattanville, PA.

I pass a sign. It reads

Ooooooookay then. It’s not a home-made jobbie. It is a real green and white steel sign, properly mounted into the roadside. A few miles later I pass another one. What the heck??

Anyone out there ever seen this sign? Or, does anyone drive by signs like this that are clearly put in by a real municipality but have that slightly frightening tinge to them?

Let me just tell you, I buckled up !!! ( I was already buckled up of course, but touched the clasp protectively, almost…tenderly )


It’s sponsored by the state of PA

This is the same state that used to feature highway signs such as:

“Pennsylvania’s Speed Limit…STILL 55.”
(obviously a few years back)

and my favorite, when going through a work zone:

“Slow Down! People have DIED here!”
Instead of these sign campaigns, they should take that money and put it towards fixing their roads maybe.

“Pennsylvania’s Highways: STILL full of potholes!” :smiley:

Each year, on our annual camping trip to PA, we pass a highway sign reading “Caution: High Fatality Area”. That always gives me a nice little case of the "eek!"s

I’ve seen some here in Pa in work areas. In a child’s handwriting… “Slow down. My mommy works here.”

Hahahahaha… what is this “work” of which you speak? :smiley:


Yeah well, what if6was9 neglected to mention was that that sign has the phrase embedded in the middle of a silhouette of a spiked-heeled evening shoe and a garter belt.

Not that I’m saying, or anything, but…

Mr. Blue Sky, do you work for PennDOT? Do I get to rage at you for the atrocity, the abomination, the twisted disgusting wasteful pit of unrecoverable human toil and expensive resources otherwise known as the Schuylkill Expressway?


We had the pleasure of driving through the Penn Turnpike system a few years back. Just loved the Peace Love and Turnpike signs. Made us smile! There were other ones too that were quirky fun.

That kid’s mom gets around. She also did work on I-80 near Morris, IL and even further out about 100 miles near Annawan, IL. At the same time, mind you.

On Rt 83 in Harrisburg, there’s a big electronic sign with orange lights for pixels that hangs over the highway and rotates through three screens:






I’ve driven from NJ on I-80 to Ohio a couple of times. As I recall, it just SEEMED like a million miles :wink:

Referring to the OP: They added the “Buckle Up” signs a few years ago, along with signs marked “Aggressive Driver Area” and “High DUI Crash Area” scattered around federal and state highways.

My favorite sign used to be located on the Turnpike off-ramp at Breezewood. It was a picture of a hand, finger pointing out toward the viewer, with the legend “YOU- Slow Down.”

On I-76 (I think), there’s a Deer Crossing sign, followed almost immediately by a Watch for Falling Rocks sign. I’m always on the lookout for falling deer.

There’s a sign just on the other side of the Richmond-San Rafael bridge that says “End 45 MPH Zone.” Which has got to be the single most useless street sign I’ve ever seen. Instead of telling us what the speed limit isn’t, how about a sign telling us what it is?

There are a bunch (well or 3) of “end speed zone” or “end 30MPH” which i agree are silly.


Her Dad works in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

My favorite thing about the roads in Pennsylvania are the dots painted onto the highways, with the accompanying signs telling you to keep five dots distance between you and the car in front of you.

Last year I drove to NYCDope with my friends dynosaur and typo_mna. Dyno was driving and found it absoutely impossible to do this (he’s from Chicago, what can I say?). Typo and I spent the entire trip through PA (and yes, it does seem like a million miles) harrassing him about the dots.

Those are all over the place in Virginia, mainly in rural areas. At least here, they mean the speed limit goes up to 55 mph.

That whore has been working around here too. There is one of those signs posted as you exit the Ted Williams onto 1A in Boston. I can’t figure out if the kid makes those things at home and sends them with mommy or if the child has to actually come out to the construction zone and erect them himself or herself.

In regards to the Pennsylvania sign, I can’t figure out means that people in the car have to buckle up for the next million miles that they drive or it just means the next million miles on that particular road. If it is the former, I doubt that anyone is going to drive a million miles and stay in Pennsylvania the whole time. That means the sign is an arrogant display by Pennsylvania to extend their laws to other juridictions (including foreign countries) and possibly the moon (because it doesn’t actually say anything about just driving if you read closely).

Oregon has newish anti-drink-driving signs that have a martini glass with a crossed circle over it. I like these, and if I could find the image anywhere, I would make home-made “No Rat Pack” signs, or something.

(I hope the campaign’s effective. I just love the style!)