hilarious house of frankenstein

did anyone else watch this childrens program which ran in the 70’s? i miss watching vincent price and the wolfman. it was an awesome show. would love to see reruns.

I think the title was “The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.”

Yes, I remember it–the production wasn’t very good, but we all didn’t care and watched it anyway. Our school halls were full of kids saying “Igor, fetch me Brucie” in the Count’s voice.

I imagine it would look somewhat dated today. The Wolfman in particular–do you recall how he would play some contemporary rock song (for those who don’t remember or never saw the show, this would have been about 1969 or so), and then dance to it in front of psychedelic patterns on the screen?

It seems to me this was in reruns in Canada (or at least Winnipeg) just a few years ago. I loved it as a child, but it’s pretty awful now.

I have vague memories of this show. When I say vague, I mean “Yeah, I seem to recall watching and liking that show,” but there are no details. I didn’t even remember the title.

Was there a puppet character named Harvey Wallbanger, by any chance? It could be that I’m mixing shows in my addled memory…

Yes, there was. If memory serves, he worked in the post office (possibly the dead letter office.)

Here’s a link to a pretty good fansite.


Good Luck.
Chris W

thanks for the link, i appears the original tapes have been destroyed.

Apparently this is some use of the word “hilarious” I was previously unaware of :smiley:

Thanks for restoring a piece of my vanished childhood.

Of course, having looked at the evidence, I’ve come to a conclusion: “Harvey Wallbanger” wasn’t just a character. It was a likely explanation for the show’s creation (as in somebody had one too many of them).

spoons the wolfman dance was my favourite part as well as that big guy with a white powdery face in a geenie bottle, it all seems hazy though.