Hilarious photos of Gymnast's giving everyone the stink eye.

Geez, this girl can turn on the bitch face in an instant. I feel for her future hubby. He will learn those looks all too well. :smiley:

Love the commentary added by pranksters.

It’s “gymnasts,” not “Gymnast’s.”

Wow, the rest of her performance must have been damned good, to get silver even with a flubbed landing like that.

Poor kid! To have come that far and have something like that happen. I’d be pretty pissed off too if something like that ever happened to me!

Actually, the usage here is correct. The “giving” is being attributed to her, calling for use of the possessive “-'s.”

Correct, but unusual. It’s more appropriate to drop the 's entirely so it’s just ‘photo of gymnast giving everyone the stink eye’.

Punctuation aside, she’s definitely annoyed, but it’s debatable whether she’s annoyed with the judges and the medal, or with herself for making one single mistake that probably cost her the gold.

D’oh! :smack:

I’d say it’s more a matter of style, but that’s just my opinion as an editor and EFL teacher. :wink:

I gotta say, I don’t find much that’s funny about this. The poor kid is only 16 and was probably heartbroken when she wound up with silver. She should be commended for making it to the Olympics at all!

To paraphrase Lisa Simpson*, the Germans have a word for finding humor in the misfortunes of others. It’s called Schadenfreude.

*Somehow very appropriate here. :rolleyes:

Personally I’m inclined to give a 16-year old kid a break when she misses out on a gold medal because she failed to stick a landing on a vault she’d no doubt practiced thousands of times before. Of course she was angry and disappointed.

That podium face might just be her trying not to cry.

She’s 16. Show me a 16 year old who ISN’T dramatic…and I’ll check for vital signs.

The picture of her at the medal/award ceremony makes it look like she’s giving the stink eye at the gold medal winner, though.

Go ahead and be mad at yourself, but be gracious at the others’ victory.

It’s not sanction worthy, or nuthin’. Being the (minor) butt of photo-captioning humor is sufficient. :slight_smile:

Yeah, this pretty blatant hug rejection reinforces that view of it.

I agree. She was trying to be gracious and polite. But her face and body language gave away what she was really thinking.

A little photo-captioning humor is ok. Six months from now she’ll be laughing too at her facial grimaces.

As an aside, is it realistic to expect that she’ll be a contender again in 2016, or is 20 now considered over-the-hill for gymnasts?

The gymnast that went before her was 41 years old.

Shoot 60 frames a second of high def close-up images of anyone, anywhere. Go through them one by one and you’ll find some where they look serene, angry, deep in thought, drunk, friendly, evil, guilty, happy, sad, superficial, jealous.

A good actor or model knows how to control their facial expressions to reduce the number of potential bad photos, but that takes training. Are athletes now expected to be actors too? It sounds like she acted graciously; it seems unfair to judge her on a few choice images.

Christ, she’s a child. There are 30-year olds playing pro sports for years who are worse losers.

Hug rejection was somewhat unsportsmanlike, but at least she wasn’t threatening to shove a baton down somebody’s throat!

So post pictures of them, and we’ll give them snark, too. shrug