Hilary gets trashed by free verse.


You may now resume your usual prattle.

That’s dumb.

Might be the last Hillary Pitting for a while, though.

How is that “free verse” exactly? Can I get posted onto the poetry review, too, if I refurbish “Who’s on First” using Bush cabinet members?

Did someone mention this was dumb?


OK. Just checking. Because it’s dumb.

Plus, you spelled “Hillary” incorrectly.
There’s good humor out there in the real world. You should check it out sometime.

Why, is she planning to punctuate her speech this evening by putting a shotgun barrel in her mouth? Because that would be, you know, really terrible.

Well, I just saw Harold Ickes on CNN and he said she definitely isn’t going to down a bottle of Scotch before her speech tonight and won’t go home and take out Bill in what he described as a “coup de grace.” Make of that what you will.

Seriously, if she quits in the next two days or so, I really don’t know when she gets Pitted again.

When she leads the COUP, fuckers! Because it’s coming!

And when it does, I’m sure that ONE of you “due process/integrity of the system” whiners will manage to get to your keyboards and tap out some kind of “Pitting” before we… I mean THEY… before THEY come banging down your door and put you up against the WALL! Where you DESERVE TO BE!

[sub]oh yeah… it’s comin’[/sub]

No, it’s silly. Silly, silly, silly.

One compliment I can offer Ms. Clinton is that she’s probably the least likely person in the world to make a “final exit.”

Had it been she in the bunker instead of Eva Braun, not only would she have spit out the capsule, afterward she’d have made a spirited run for German Chancellor.

A poetry review trying to be fun and popular is a sad sight, like a cat in a funnel collar trying to eat kibble.

No, not silly. I’ve seen silly, this is not it.

Dumb is what it is. Dumb.


That is so sad. You just made me cry a little bit. Poor li’l poetry review.

My vote’s for ‘dumb.’

That’s about as funny as dying of syphilis.