Hillary, is it time?

There are many reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton. One reason I’ve heard mentioned is because it’s time. Meaning that it’s time for a woman to be president regardless of the woman. Is the fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman influencing you to any degree to vote for her?

BTW not really looking for opinions about Hillary herself just the idea that the president should be a elected because she’s a woman.

**Is the fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman influencing you to any degree to vote for her? **

No. I’m voting for her because I think she’s the best person vying for the job this time around.

It’s time for Hillary Clinton to go to jail.

For what?

All the state secrets she stole. Maybe Trump can join her, he’s under investigation for fraud and inciting violence.

For (D).

Which state secrets? I need a list.

If that’s all she did, how long is HW Bush going to jail for? I haven’t seen any WMDs. :smiley:

Hopefully Trump gets indicted for education fraud, but the way he speaks, that’s understandable.

I wouldn’t vote for Sarah Palin nor any Shepublican, and I voted for Sanders in the primary; but, if there were two candidates of opposite sexes in Dem primary, and they were pretty much indistinguishable in politics and policies, sure, I’d vote for the woman just because.

Honestly at the Presidential level, Obama’s race and Hillary’s gender has not played a role. I do think they are exceptional leaders. I could imagine using diversity as a criteria at lower levels though. I could imagine it affecting my turnout decision, if I wasn’t a political junky to begin with. But I am.


She stole state secrets? Wow!
Which state secrets did she steal?

the melts in here will be epic

It’s a secret.

I would gladly vote for a woman. Just not that woman.

There is no way that I would ever vote for Trump. Unless my only other choice is Hillary. I think Trump would be one of the worst presidents in all of history. But I think Hillary would be worse.

If the best thing that you can say about her is that she has tits, that’s not saying much. Voting for her just because she is a woman is stupid and sexist, in my opinion.

I’m not voting for her because she’s a woman; I’m voting for her because she’s a woman who stands up for women. I find her record on being out in front on women’s rights (reproductive rights, pay equity, domestic violence, global women’s rights) impressive. It’s not the only reason I’m for her, but it’s a big one.

So it’s better to vote for a fascist bigot than a woman you disagree with. Nice to know.

“A woman that I disagree with” doesn’t even begin to cut it.

And yes, I think she would be worse for the country than an idiotic fascist bigot. And I don’t like idiotic fascist bigots. I think Trump is horrible.

No, but it is influencing my opinion of those who hold her to a double standard. She’s proving that Ginger did indeed need to do everything Fred did, backwards and in heels - and got less credit. And some of those people are conservatives and some of those people are liberals.

Voting for (or against) Hillary because she’s a woman makes as much sense as voting for (or against) Obama because he’s black.


Voting for a candidate just because she’s a woman is a horrible reason.

I think she’s competent and I’ll vote for her. But mainly to vote against Trump.