HIMYM Apr 18 '11 "Hopeless" (open spoilers)

Is anybody else watching this right now? Somehow it’s the funniest episode I’ve seen in a long while… not so much because of the John Lithgow main plotline, but…

The alternate credit sequence with the five of them in their fake band? :smiley:

The ‘which club should we go to’ conversation where just about any phrase is recognized as a club name! :D:D

I watched it last night. Very strong episode overall, but I felt that the Footloose joke would have been funnier (or funny at all) if another character had said it to Barney: having John Lithgow deliver that line was just a little too on-the-nose.

One of the best “who’s on first” bits I’ve ever seen in a contemporary sitcom. Well done.

Thought I’d share this from another site…great writing.

I liked Lithgow’s Footloose joke. And Marshall’s “I won that game”. Great ep in my book.

Yeah great ep all around, especially compared to some of the last ones. They really need to drop Zoey soon. She’s not particularly bad, but the episodes that she’s in really seem to drag.

Also, Jerry made me feel old (even though I’m younger than the cast), because I too yell out “Third base” whenever I hear people getting into a really confusing conversation. I guess I’ll have change it to “gay bar!”