How I Met Your Mother 9/28/09

Umm…is my HIMYM tonight the only one completely botched? I had the laugh track, the music and the foley track, but absolutely no speech for the whole episode. Turned it off halfway after I realized it wasn’t part of a ‘silent’ bit. This was the Channel 10 Columbus, OH broadcast, but over DirecTV. I’ve never seen this happen before, and I’m pretty bummed, since I love the show.

Never mind…they just ran a bulletin at the bottom of the screen, since the next show was the same…no voice track, but all other audio…thanks, channel 10! Now I have to watch this episode on the computer tomorrow.

Maybe the Gentlemen came to town?

Mine played fine.

Good episode, and I love the doppelganger concept. Ted’s redate was a neat concept and was resolved well. I didn’t like the way they played Robin though. I too expected her to act more like Barney expected her to.

I hear good things about episode 100. I hope they finally introduce the mother…I really hope they don’t wait until the series finale.

The Doppleganger is a great idea. Hope they pop up now and again just for a quick cheap laugh. I kinda wish they’d shown the discovery of the first two and the subsequent hilarity.

The thing with Robin didn’t really make sense. I could understand her being a little concerned that Barney would cheat on her since he’s a slut, but her being against a strip club is totally out of character.

We need more Mustache Marshall. That guy is awesome.

Future Ted does mention that they discover his own doppelganger and Barney’s later on.

Maybe I’m just in a mood, but none of my Monday night shows were funny. I thought this was weak.

Who else wanted to see the Stripper Lily lapdance?

Mmmm… Stripper Lily…

They did. They saw Lesbian Robin walking down the street and they saw Mustahce Marshall on an ad on the side of a bus (and then later in McLaren’s).

This is my first time to read a thread on this show, so perhaps it’s been addressed. But - why does a full grown adult man lose his voice and suddenly become Bob Saget in the voice overs? He’s not pre-pubescent. His voice isn’t going to change much from his twenties to some 40-50 year old version of himself.

I really can’t get past that.

Kids, did I ever tell you about the time I gargled rubbing alcohol on a dare? It was the summer of 2015 and…

Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

It has to do with the goat…

Really? That’s what you can’t get past? I don’t see it as a big deal.

“The Aristocrats!”

Well the show is called How I Met Your Mother - not How Ted Mosby Met His Wife or How I, Ted Mosby, Met and Married the Woman Who Is Your Mother and I Am Your Father. Maybe Bob Saget isn’t Ted at all! :smiley:

I really liked Marshall’s fantasy. :smiley:
It was adorably quirky and very much in character for Marshall, especially with the fatal sickness being some untreatable hiccup disorder,
Plus hearing that priest saying “Plough her like a cornfield.” was priceless, and made my, if not day, then at least an hour.

For what it’s worth, he’s an over-the-top unreliable narrator. So if he’s relaying a story where his ex-girlfriend brings along the slightly older man she’s now seeing, the new guy will be played by an actor pushing eighty – because that’s how he prefers to remember it. And if he’s relaying a story where that ex is off having a conversation with someone, she’ll start talking about how Ted really got it right and ruined her for other men (before he explains that he of course wasn’t there and doesn’t actually know what she said). If he’s telling a story that’s about to involve him and his college buddies smoking pot, he’ll swap in “eating a sandwich” (and have the characters spend the rest of the episode praising the sandwiches they’re carrying around and nibbling at). If he’s talking about that time he called someone a “very very bad word,” he’ll cheerfully swap in “grinch” in the retelling (and have people fly off the handle in response, repeating “grinch” back to him in horror and disbelief). Not to mention that time he got halfway through a story before remembering that, no, wait, that goat wasn’t in my apartment until the year after that birthday party I’ve been talking about; disregard that part.

During the first day of college, I went into my first class and took a quick scan of the room. I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend in the same class. So I sat next to him and started talking to him like friends usually do. About a minute into the conversation, I realize it isn’t my friend. Turned out his name was Allen.

A few weeks later, I actually get a chance to talk to my friend and I tell him about the incident leaving out the other guy’s name. He then sounds shocked and tells me how another friend of his made the same mistake in summer school two years before. Turns out, that guy was the same Allen.

That’s right, two sightings of the same doppelganger by different people in a different time and place. He has such a weird look too. Hard to imagine someone else looking liked that.

I totally agree. I would expect Robin to behave a little more like Lily did. It just seemed way out of character for her to be so grumpy about it.

I did love the doppelgangers, though. Can’t wait to see Other Ted and Barney.

I can’t wait for that either. I loved Mustache Marshall, too! SO COOL!