How I Met Your Mother 9/28/09

I did kind of want Stripper Lily to leer at Robin or Lily and have Allison Hannigan reuse her line (from when she had an evil, vampire doppelganger on Buffy, who groped her), “I think I’m kind of gay.”


Disagreed. The potential for more shellfish jokes means they should never see each other again, despite them both being charming and mutually attracted and mature about the re-date? I’d expect that from George Costanza but not Ted. :confused:

I haven’t seen this show in awhile, but what I think you’re telling me is that Allison Hannigan is wearing stripper gear? I think I’ll have to catch up on some episodes on Hulu.

I completely understand where Ted comes from. The only reason the re-date was successful was because they essentially shelved their true personalities. Ted knew that he couldn’t shelve his real personality for an entire relationship…and they both already knew that they’re real selves were NOT compatible.

I relate…I’ve got a sense of humor that maybe only 5% of the population really gets. It turns out that I tend to be friends with people who fall in that 5%…including my wife. If she wasn’t one of those 5%, I doubt we’d still be together. It’s not one of those ‘oh, you don’t get this joke, you’re not for me’ things. It’s a ‘you aren’t compatible with my personality, so you’re not for me.’

Have you ever been out with someone who is Not Amused by your sense of humor? There is no bigger turn off. People are willing to overlook a lot of things on the first date - that’s why it ended well the first time around. “Maybe that bad shellfish joke was just nervousness.” “Maybe all that talk about her cats is just nervousness.” No - it wasn’t nervousness, it was who they really are. Your potential mate should LOVE those things about you - not merely tolerate them.

Even better, have Robin say that line when they first spot Lesbian Robin on the street. More subtle that way. :smiley:

I’ve had this happen to other shows before, I wish they’d get their act together with all this “digital” stuff. They told us it was “so much better than analog” yeah right. Better for them maybe, not us.

lol, that would’ve been great, but regular Lily could’ve said it too. She was totally gay for stripper her.

Is it just me or is Allison Hannigan looking super-hot after having a baby? Cobie Smulders isn’t looking too shabby either.

I thought Robin’s reactions were kinda off, too, since she never seems to act like a “proper” woman; I did like the way Barney kept pretending that she was cool with it, though. I really can’t get enough Neil Patrick Harris. :slight_smile:

Robin has acted like “one of the guys” in the past, yes, but just from smoking cigars, drinking scotch, and playing laser tag. I don’t recall her previously saying she’s ok with strip clubs. Besides which, her boyfriend (whether they want to admit they are or not,) was at one, and she has been shown as being the jealous type.

And playing hockey, and carrying a gun, and being completely into weapons…

From “Little Minnesota”:

She’s definitely breast-feeding.

I’m with you on the fact that a very witty premise (HIMYM has such excellent storytelling devices) was poorly executed this episode. A rare miss.

You gotta think the director of the series is SO happy not to have to hide two pregnant cast members. It was almost a secondary comedy last season spotting their masking techniques.

I think she is insecure being in a relationship. She doesn’t like them, and probably is uncomfortable with the feelings she has. That was the best part of the episode for me.

And, of course, being the cool friend who is ok with strip clubs is far different than having your boyfriend going to one. Being in a relationship can totally change that dynamic.

No kidding - those were a whole lotta big purses in last season’s shows. :smiley:

Can? Try “will.”

Eh… my fiancee actually goes to strip clubs more now that he’s with me than he did when he was a bachelor.