Hip out of place - anyone know a remedy?

We went to see a movie this weekend, and out of nowhere with no apparent cause, I stood up after the movie and my hip seems to be a little displaced from the socket. Not really enough to go to the doctor over, but enough that walking up stairs is hard, and it is generally aching and twinging. Has anyone had this before, and if so, what did you do about it? Is there anything I can do for it myself? Do I have to break down and go see a doctor to get it sorted out?

I don’t think there’s any such thing as a “slightly” displaced hip. It’s a ball-and-socket joint, so it’s either in or it isn’t. If you can walk, albeit painfully, it’s in. More likely you tore or streched some ligaments or muscles in that area. Try a heating pad to reduce the discomfort. If it persists for very long, I’d suggest seeing a doctor.

When I developed symptoms like that, my doc sent me to physical therapy. After testing my range of motion and such, they said I had bursitis due to the muscles next to the joint being too tight and inflexible. Here are some stretches they taught me:

Lie on your back, knees bent. Raise and straighten one leg as far as you can. 20 reps, twice daily, each leg.

Same as that one, except lean the leg to the opposite side while raising (left leg to the right, etc.)

Do a lunge (take a long step forward, front leg bent, back leg straight.) While in that position, rock your pelvis back and forth 20 times. Twice daily.

I’ve got one or two more, but I’m running out of time. Catch you later.

IANAD, but it sounds like there might be some inflammation there; anti-inflammatories such as paracetemol or ibuprofen may help

Hmm, good thoughts, everybody. I’ll try the heating pad / ibuprofen / stretching route for now and see how it goes. All of my joints seem to be taking turns causing me trouble lately, so I guess it isn’t unlikely that there’s some arthritis or bursitis issues going on.

If it is inflammation, you’ll need to keep taking the anti-inflammatories for a week or more (something in itself that might be better advice coming from a doctor) - basically, inflammation in the joint aggravates itself; the anti-inflammatories break the cycle. You should avoid strenuous use of the joint too.

You should see a doctor.
It could be a small fracture instead of displacement.
Either way, if you notice your foot getting pale or cold or numb,
then you’re in trouble.


I had the same problem after a day at the driving range. Went to my doc (D.O.) He said it was a strain on the Sacroiliac.


I was told to lay on the floor on my back. Bring my knee to my chest and then toward the center of my chest. This would stretch out the associated muscles of the Sacroiliac.


I’ll certainly second the “go see your doctor.”

However, I promised you two more stretches, and here they are.

Standing with slightly bent knees, tilt your pelvis north, then northwest, then west, and so on, all the way around. It’s simpler to do it all in one continuous motion. 20 times around, twice a day. This one looks silly or sexy, depending on who’s watching.

Stand with feet together, with a wall to your right, about a foot farther than you can reach with your hand. Lean over to put your right hand flat on the wall. Keeping your right leg straight, bring your left leg around to step in front of the right. Your left leg will be bent and carrying most of the weight. Your pelvis will be more-or-less level, and the muscle on the outside of your right hip will be stretched. I hope that’s clear. It’s tricky to put into print. Do 20 a day on each leg.

I echo the above responses but suggest going to a neuromuscularskeletal specialist (PT, good chiropractor, GP). Do not just rely on heat/ice, NSAIDs (non-steriodal antiinflammatory drugs). Why? They are not treating the problem, only the resulting symptoms, inflammations. If you don’t find and correct what is wrong then it will come back. The NMS specialist should give you exercises (stretches, resistance training, muscle retraining) to correct the cause of your problem.

Actually, I don’t think you’re right about that one. I have ligamental laxity, so I’ve had to deal with my joints slipping slightly out of place in the past. I went to school limping and wincing one day because my hip was partly displaced. It managed to work its way back into place by the end of the day, though.

I second the GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR! advice, as well as going to see the neuromuscularskeletal specialist.