Hitler’s Mufti

Hitler’s Mufti
By Matthew E. Bunson

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Oh goody, you found the Pit. Saves me the trouble of starting the inevitable thread. No I can’t be arsed to read whatever drivel you’ve stolen from some other website in this your umpteenth thread of anal seepage.

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Oh, that’s lovely. You’re a credit to your… …whatever you are.

Recent discoveries”??? Are you that much of a retard? I’ve been hearing of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem all my life, he’s the living proof that all Palestinians are Nazis at heart.

Already a thread here in honor of our soon to be departed troll, Oak.

LOL. Well, at this time tomorrow, I’m still going to have posting privileges here. I wouldn’t bet on you being able to say the same.

Ahhh…I missed it. Thanks for the info.

A real conservative would not debase himself with such language.

The last time I used that word was in Junior High School. Perhaps you should redirect that question at yourself.

I did not write the article. If you do not like it, send your complaint to the author.

Dude, Big Billy Goat Gruff is so gonna PWN your worthless ass.

I find it very revealing that all responses have been a personal attack on me rather than a thoughtful response about the article’s contenet.

Well, then you should use the word “discoveries” a bit more. I’m sure it managed to find a way in my conversation quite a few times since high school.

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And you call yourself a conservative. Right, you and Stalin and Mao.

Of course. How else could you have gotten to your classes?


Excellent book:

Icon of Evil: Hitler’s Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam
David G. Dalin (Author), John F. Rothmann (Author)



Yea. Maybe someone should start a thread on ‘Hitler’s Pope’ and throw in a jibe at all the good Protestant Germans busy shovelling people into gas chambers to give you some sense of perspective.

Recent research? This stuff has been in the history books for the last 50 or 60 years.

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