Hitler's Single Testicle

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Having myself been born with only a single testicle, I have often wondered how common this is…?
As a child my father took me to a doctor who told both of us that “approximately 5%” of boys are born this way.
(In my case, the doctor thought it might be simply an “undescended testicle” rather than a single testicle, which, he said, is far more common.)

Any other males out there care to admit to this or am I truly a rarity…?

I can’t give any direct help, but the place to start investigation is with the word monorchism.

One testicle not descending into the scrotum during normal embryonic or fetal development (3–4% of ‘normal’ live births), also known as undescended testis or cryptorchidism.

Himmler had something sim’lar.

Did your doctor then do an operation to bring your undescended testicle down into the scrotum? Why didn’t he? At what age did you first go to a doctor to talk about the fact that one of your testicles hadn’t descended.

Yes, the doctor (or associates) did an operation to determine if I had only one testicle or if the other was simply undescended.

When I was 4 (yes, four) years old, they first examined me. Finding nothing then, 10 years later (when I was 14), I had exploratory surgery to finalize that determination. They still found nothing. Now, decades later, I still have a scar where they operated and only a single testicle.

To put it as simply as I can, how common is this condition (or maybe “rare” is a more appropriate term)? Obviously it won’t change anything but I am just curious.

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I thought Germany abolished the monorchy after WWI.

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