Hmmm.... What should we talk about today?

In light of yesterday’s events, I imagine that most topics will turn to Afghanistan, Taliban, bin Laden and other such.

I don’t wanna talk about that. So what can we talk about?

Possible topics:

How sucky the Redskins are.
Just why the heck there are so many different shapes of pasta.
The proper orientation of cards in envelopes.
The best wines.
The best beers.

Feel free to add others.

They can’t be as sucky as the Vikings! Their offensive team barely outscored the Saints’ field-goal kicker!

How’s that for a good whine?

Should the picture face you as you open the flap? Otherwise the picture is sometimes faintly visible throught the front of the envelope (if it’s white).

I’m pretty sure the Detriot Lions suck even worse than those teams! C’mon, watch us get embarrased tonight on MNF. That outta prove somethin to ya…

I always have the picture facing the flap, with the bend facing up. This way, when the card reciever opens the card, they get a sneak peak at the cover, but yet it doesn’t come open.