Hmmmm. I'm skeptical [road signs]

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I don’t think there’s cornflakes growing wild here

Kellogg’s cereals are made in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Head waters?

You think that’s disappointing? Rocky and Bullwinkle do not hang out on this street corner.

Godammit, Alfred! Road signs? Really?

Hi, Skeptical, I’m Wintermute! (Can’t believe no one’s said that yet)

Let’s just say that a lot of people wonder about the recreation that goes on here:

(Actual story: it’s a state recreation area in southeastern Wisconsin; the land was originally planned to be the home of Bong Air Force Base, which would have been named for Richard Bong, a fighter pilot ace during World War II, who was from Wisconsin; the AFB project was cancelled partway through development, and the land eventually was turned over to the state, which built it into a recreation area. And, yes, the road signs get stolen a lot.)

That really needs to be Exit 420.

I know, right?

True story: Somewhere in Texas – probably I-10 – there is a mile marker sign that is/was constantly stolen, so the Highway Dept. scooted a little further down the road and posted “Mile 419 1/2.” Or something like that.

I’m clearly dense, but I don’t get what I’m supposed to get about the OP’s picture… Someone spoil it for me…

Bong Recreation Area I get and know too well… And the best about stolen signs is the story of Fucking, Austria, which I’m sure most good Dopers interested in placenames know by now. They are now known as “Fugging.”

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It’s not spoilable. I just liked it.
Mundane and all, ya know

I have a sad life😔

Beck’s picture is of a road sign saying “Battle Creek”, which is in Michigan, and is the home of the Kellogg’s cereal company. The vegetation growing in the area of the sign doesn’t look like anything you’d make cereal out of.

Got it. Knew all those things (been through there), but couldn’t put it together.

Route 31 in New Jersey runs north from Trenton. It runs right past The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College). The state was spending a lot of money on signs that kept getting stolen by the students. That pretty much stopped when they changed the name to Route 31 from its original designation Route 69.

There is a dam in West Virginia called Summersville Lake Dam, which has a ghost town known as Gad under it. Typically, dams after named after the nearest town, but the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers decided to name the dam after the next nearest town rather than having a dam called “Gad Dam” on their rolls.

:+1: >snerk<

My wife’s family used to own a cottage in central Wisconsin; it was easy to remember which exit from I-90/94 to take (or for giving directions to friends who were joining us up there), as it was at Exit 69 – or, as we’d always say, in the voices of Bill and Ted, “Exit 69, duuuuude!”

There’s the Big Dam bridge in N. Little rock over the Arkansas river.
I found a nice pic of it but I can’t get it posted.

Any one who wants to Google it and post it would be okay with me.