hoawoawoawoawoawoaowowawaaolllllly shhheeeeeaaat mothathaaaaaa...


I was walking out of one of the local bars tonight. And was greated by the sight of 35+ uniform-types(at least ten bad G-men-bad-suit-types) all looking about as nonchalant as a whore with 500 dollars, and 12 vehicles surounding one fairly shiny new Chevy pickup.

So I decided, this isn’t the day to pick up more Hamburger buns at King Soopers up the parking lot;

further details to follow as I remember to look over the next couple days.:


Amazing, just amazing. What drugs are you on again?

I think posting under the influence is frowned upon… :frowning:

I’m just lookin’ forward to the further details … heh.

The most interesting thing about this is how the thread title appears in the main board index (if this thread happens to be the most recent one to get a post; it just shows as ‘…’

Full moon last night, wolfman?

In other words, it leaves the board speechless? :stuck_out_tongue:

Might this incident be related to this case?


Inexplicably after scrolling back up to make note of the OP’s name now I’ve got “Clap for the Wolfman” stuck in my head.

It’s gonna be a long day.