Hoboken - NYC ferry question

I’d like to start taking the commuter ferry from Hoboken to Midtown–but the only one that runs that route is on weekends. There’s one from the 14th Street Pier in Hoboken to Midtown on weekdays; does anyone here know how far that is from the NJ Transit train station in Hoboken?

14 blocks. The NJ Transit/PATH station is down by First St./Newark Ave. & and Hudson. It’s basically in Weehawken. Depending on what part of town you’re in, the PATH might be an easier (albeit stinkier, and sweatier) option.


Weehawken is north of Hoboken. The NJ Transit train station is on the South side of Hoboken.

But anyway, where are you coming from? A lot of the train lines have “midtown direct” service now.

I think the best thing to do would be to ask NY Waterway the best way to get up to 14th. There ought to be some sort of shuttle or bus route. Seems like whatever you do it’d take you three or four times as long as the PATH.

Crumbs. I asked The Sea Captain last night at NJ Transit, and the 14th Street pier is a mile from the main station; the ferries only run to midtown on weekends. Which makes no sense at all. I may just take the ferry to the WTC and a bus up West Street/8th Avenue. It would be a longer commute, but a much pleasanter one.

My bad - a case of bad phrasing. I meant that the ferry is basically in Weehawken (and, if I’m not mistaken, IS in Weehawken).

Why does it make no sense? Between the PATH; midtown direct; and the various buses to Port Authority; there may be not much demand for daily ferry service from south Hoboken to midtown.

Anyway, you might see if the Hudson/Bergen light rail will take you from Hoboken terminal to the Weehawken ferry terminal.

It does. I don’t know how much an improvement that would be over taking the ferry from the station to the World Financial center, then taking the subway uptown, though. Either way it’s a lot of extra time.

I suppose another option would be taking the PATH down to Exchange Place, then catching the midtown ferry there (depending on how close the PATH is to ferry terminal). It would make for a longer ferry ride.

Well, I took the ferry in this morning and loved it (though I don’t know if the other pasengers were too entertained by my holding onto the railing and singing “Don’t Rain On My Parade” the whole way).

The walk across Vesey to Church wasn’t bad either (though depressing)–problem now is, does anyone know the route of the X27 bus up Church, and where it goes back downtown? My computer at work doesn’t suport the NYC Transit maps. The M6 bus took forever, though it was nice and empty.

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