Hogan's Return

I have no idea how many people here on SDMB are into wrestling but how many of you are tired of Hogan’s “nostalgic” return to the WWF?
I can’t stand the man, he’s slowing down the matches because the other wrestlers have to key down their performances since he’s old and rickety. Plus he’s the reason why I stopped watching wrestling in the first place.

Dang. I thought this thread was going to be about a remake of “Hogan’s Heroes.”

Carry on.

So did I, but Crane’s long dead.

You don’t want that, with the PC fever in Hollywood these days, Hogan’s Heroes: the Movie will be about a innkeeper and his wacky neighbors.

I agree with you. I thought him leaving WWF for WCW several years ago was the best thing for both companies; it made room for new, younger, more talented athletes in WWF and brought an established star to WCW.

As for this ‘Return of Hulkomania’ thing, I don’t understand it either. It’s obvious from his performance that Hogan isn’t fit to participate in professional wrestling with the other guys in the WWF, even the ‘older’ wrestlers like Steven Regal and the Undertaker. I hope it runs out soon so they can bring some of the new guys out of the development leagues to wrestle with Brock Lestner, Rob Van Damm, Kurt Angle and all the other new talent they’ve picked up.