"Hollow Men" -- What's your impression?

I just watched the (I presume) Australian four-man sketch-comedy show Hollow Men for the first time on the Comedy Channel. See http://www.comedycentral.com/tv_shows/hollowmen/. What do you think of it?

Frankly, I thought it was brilliant! I WILL be watching next week. I was laughing throughout the entire show and have high hopes for it. Seems like they are all British. Wonder if it was on the BBC before it came over here?

I watched it for a little while. The sketch where they were astronauts faking a landing on the moon was quite clever. I won’t go out of my way to see it in the future, but I will watch it if it comes on and keep an eye open while glancing at the TV guide channel.

The idea of a comedy troupe calling themselves The Hollow Men really weirds me out.

Are these the same people doing a Natlie Imbruglia interpretation?

I enjoyed it…


I’d just like to say that the commercials for this show misrepresent it. The ads didn’t earn a smile from me, but the actual show did; and I probably would have kept watching if I didn’t have a brand new videogame (Devil May Cry 3 :smiley: ) that I’ve been addicted to. If anyone is looking for a new sketch comedy show to enjoy, I suggest trying this out.

Uneven, but several of the twists were completely unexpected. I especially liked the last sketch with the anal lemming. It started out odd, and vaugely unamusing, and then it started getting better and better.

It’s not Python, it’s not Kids in the Hall, but it’s a good first start.

That one was brilliant. My Tivo cut of the very end though :frowning: It did not strike me that it was vag badger, at first. I thought it was vadge badger or vadger badger.

The only skit I didn’t like was the last…the others were quite good. My favorite was the interrogation with the crooked detectives. “Are you saying it’s a plant?!”

I liked it, but they must get rid of the laugh track. It was like nails on a chalkboard. I already know which parts are funny, fellas. You don’t need to bash my head with it.

Like all sketch comedy, not all of the skits are going to be gems. But the fake moon landing was excellent and gives me hope for the show. I love sketch comedy and wish Comedy Central showed more like the used to with KitH, Vacant Lot and Exit 57. The Bert Fershners had a one-time special. They could probably swing a series for a season or two, if they’re still around.

I liked the skit with the niche-marketed porn mags – Old Men in Sandals, Girls Who Love Girls Who Love Gandhi. It’s so topical! (Don’t believe me? Just Google “porn” plus any noun and see what happens! :smiley: )