Holloway Parents, get a grip.


look, I can sympathise with the loss of your daughter, and that the killer/s will likely
get away with it, but this lawsuit you’re instigating? It makes you into a couple of nutjobs, IMO.

“Natalee’s Nightmare” - sheesh, melodrama much? Just sell the movie-of-the-week rights and move on.

I don’t know… It is a fine American tradition that if one can’t get a criminal conviction, then a civil suit is soon to follow.

But will the verdict have any practical enforceability? I take it not, so it just amounts to grandstanding.

Yeah, but facts are usually helpful either way. Making up stuff about her getting fondled as she lost consciousness is just squicky.

I’m not about to judge on the rights and wrongs of this case, but it is possible that the police could not put together a strong enough case for a criminal conviction while the parents can put together a case for a civil suit (just as happened in the OJ Simpson cases).

It’s odd that the alleged events took place in Aruba, while the suit has been lodged in a New York court. Why not in Aruba?

Seems kind of squicky to me, too. So much unproven (and unprovable) stuff in there, I can’t see a judge taking it seriously. And how does a New York judge have jurisdiction?

I do feel for the family - they’ll never have closure without a body. I think this is just a way to keep the case in the public eye, lest it be forgotten.

The whole Nassau County thing threw them.

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I think Joram - what’s his name - is as guilty as hell.
I just don’t see what Nathalie’s parents hope to get out of this.
Though I wish them succes and all my best. It must be horrible not to know where your daughter is. :frowning:

I don’t know who’s guilty. I have successfully avoided reading watching or hearing any news story about it since the week after she disappeared. I wouldn’t have a problem with the parents suing someone if they thought he was guilty. I object to them using the complaint as a press release. They have no idea what happened to their daughter just before she lost consciousness. Whoever thought up the scenario in the filing is a true pervert, though. What kind of mind imagines shit like that?

Dunno. Mitchell Bros., maybe?

As if having your daughter killed and the case tried in the media wouldn’t do that already. I look at Beth Holloway and she looks as crazy as a rat in a water tank.

Agreed. I mean, c’mon…“The Predator”? That’s just sad.

…how do you sue a Dutch national in a US court? When the alleged actions took place in Aruba? That said, this vander Sloot guy looks like he is about to crack. Sooner or later he will send an email, a]or let slip something to his pals. he knows something, but is in clam up mode. My theory is that the girlr got very drunk, and was taken to the beach by her new friends. She probably fell and hit her head on a rock…the boys panicked, and dumped her in the water. End of story.

The Holloways/Twittys are desperately trying to force justice for their daughter, who is almost certainly dead. (FWIW, ralph, I have a far more cynical suspicion of what happened to Natalee at the hands of those three teenagers.)

Unfortunately, you cannot force justice. At this point, I doubt there would be any way to get a conviction because the investigation was so seriously fucked up from the get go. So the Holloways are trying to hit Aruba in the pocket book, both by seeking compensation and, more importantly by deterring tourism.

That is their right. Just as Martha Moxley’s family had every right to sue the Greenwich police department for fucking up that investigation because the prime suspect hailed from a prominent family. Until justice is served equally regardless of socioeconomic background, people have a right to be mad as hell. Injustice has this way of niggling at you.

So, the Holloways have my sympathy. I cannot criticize them because I have two daughters and I honestly don’t know what I’d do. And people who are so quick to stone people like the Holloways and Sheehans need to get perspective. When your child is murdered, then you can give us all a lecture on the appropriate way to act. Until then, try to have a freaking heart.

My guess is, you don’t. Whatever judge is unfortunate to draw this will almost certainly throw it out for lack of jurisdiction. On the off chance that doesn’t happen, what would happen next? You can’t file for extradition for a civil case can you? Even if you could, the Dutch authorities would likely deny the extradition for (again) lack of jurisdiction.

Like the rest of you, I have sympathy for the Holloways. But this desperate and ill advised lawsuit won’t gain them anything.

What makes you say that?

Do you have some evidence about what he was doing on the night in question that the Aruba police lack? Has he confessed to you? Do you just not like the look on his face?

Gum was the second gunman on the grassy knoll. :wink:

The last question is pretty close, but: No.

I think that the fact that he lied during his first interrogation and the fact that his daddy - who is a well known judge on Aruba - got the chance of intructing his son on what to say to the police, doesn’t look good.

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No shit. If I ever lose a child under similar circumstances, then I’ll feel I can pass judgement on the Holloway parents’ actions. Until then, they get a huge assload of slack.